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Throw Rules/Why STR Based Heroes are Neglected

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So this might be a tad ranting with a mix of questions, but I'll try and keep it on topic.

DND is a world filled with stories of epic heroes, quests of grand, and legends of equal to our own. However, whenever I think about it, the crazy feats are always done with magic of some sort. I mean, it's magic, it's supposed to break the laws of space and time. But when it comes to martial classes like barbarian or fighter, something seems off. The scale always tips towards casters later on in terms of grand power. Don't get me wrong, a barbarian can literally survive a drop from the stratosphere by RAW, and some of the archetypes do reach into that grand/legend status (looking at you Zealot). Fighters don't really get that extra 'umph' later on… when wizards are hopping between planes of existence and breaking the laws of physics. They are just legendary at fighting, masters of combat… but that's just it, a title (A topic for another time, but I thought I'd include them.)

With that context of where I'm going, think of legends akin to Hercules or Samson(Pulled down a freaking temple), Strength based heroes. In dnd, there are rules for just about everything, but one thing that still confuses me is why there aren't better rules for STR based actions. Here is a build I would love to try:

STR 20, Brawny Feat, Large Build, Bear Totem / 20 * 30 * 2 * 2 * 2 = Lifting force of 4,800 Pounds. Two and a half freaking tons of force to lift/push/drag ect. By raw, this is like being able to lift two moderately sized cars stacked on top of one another. This is amazing.

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The issue is when applied to literally anything else. Want to throw a creature that you just grappled? There are no rules at all for that. Usually it just goes to the shove action, which is 5 feet by RAW for a Barbarian that can literally lift cars. WHAT IS THIS?! Oh sure, casters can break physics, 'Sure Mr.Wizard! You can clone yourself and Wish to bring back your dead friend.' but when Mr.Barbarian Brawny Boi tries to break them, 'Oh no, that would be UNREALISTIC! Gotta keep things in line with reality.' Sure, it is from DM to DM, but whenever I ask people rules for stuff like this, it's always just a mixture of blah. Some will say that a medium sized creature, or small, isn't meant to be throw. Sure, they aren't, but when you have that much force behind the throw, I don't think aerodynamics matters anymore.

Now that I got that out of the way, I'd love to hear input.

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