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Tips on how to start writing a module

Content of the article: "Tips on how to start writing a module"

Hello Guys,

I just finished a view evenings of playing with my friends.

Very basic overview what they have been through:

  1. LVL 1 Encounter before arriving in a town (created myself with lots of details and stuff > word cloud with most important facts and details)
  2. After arriving in town they got robbed and had two sessions (sewer dungeon) to regain their possessions and gain another LVL so they are now LVL 3
  3. Now to the interesting part:
    They found a badly wounded Warrior Women in silver hair, silver armor, silver weapons, etc. (silver dragon which shape shifted into a human) called Liabelle (made up the name from the German word Libelle which is a Dragonfly) and they did not get that she is a Dragon.
    -> New Quest: Find and get back a Silver Dragon Wyrmling from Bandits of said city.
  4. This took them around 3 Sessions with a boss fight at the end. After retrieving the wyrmling they gained a silver powder from the woman which they should throw into a fire at the foot of the nearby mountain when they are ready to start their next adventure. After that she turned away transformed back into a Dragon and flew away with her child. (Players then realized how blind they were to not recognize who she truly is)
  5. Small adventure in a dungeon near that mountain LVL 4 -> LVL 5
  6. Silver Powder into fire -> Silver Call-sign and the dragon picks them up.
  7. She takes them up the mountain which is not reachable by non-flying creatures and they find a giant volcanic crater with a forest and big natural arena in the middle. The crater walls are filled with caves. –> Home of the Silver Dragons
  8. They get welcomed outside of the arena and told to come into the arena the next day at sunrise. The child which they saved visits them in the evening and tells them that they are chosen to be Dragon Warriors/Protectors/Guardians (i used a German word but either one is fine) and that they need to take the Trial of Dragons if they want to join them.
  9. Trial of Dragons:
    Here it would be fun to have multiple challenges according to each character e.g. fighter=fighting challenge, bard=charisma challenge, …
    If they get through the challenges or make it through to a specific point they are allowed to join the Dragon Guardians –> This opens up a whole campaign if wanted (Missions to go somewhere, help out a town, fight a troublemaker,…)
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I made the Dragons like they keep watch over the nearby region and help out where they can (but always undercover) and they need the Dragon Guardians to help out with numbers because they cannot be everywhere at once. I took the inspiration that they are good from this page: Forgotten Realms Wiki


To my question:

I know this is already quite detailed but I would like to create a module so others can play it easily. Issue is, that I am not sure how to take this to the next level.

Do you guys have any tips on how I should start this or what I should change from this general idea?

I am happy for any feedback.


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