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Titanic 2: Electric Boogaloo

Content of the article: "Titanic 2: Electric Boogaloo"

> Be me, 6th Level Warforged Cleric

> Be Not me, Satyr Sorcerer, Swashbuckler Genasi, Goblin Hexblade Warlock

> Be on an airship cruising high above the ocean in the dead of night

> A small grappling hook comes over the side; then another, then another

> The elemental powering the ship doesn't see them

> They sneak into a cabin and grab an NPC and everything of value

> A floorboard creaks nearby, and they look into the face of a warforged

> Panik.jpg

> They grab their booty and run

> The party, awakened by the mechnical klaxon from the warforged, grab their weapons and sprint to the deck.

> They see the pirates, covered in stolen goods and hoisting the NPC over their shoulder, leap from the balustrades into the darkness surrounding the ship

> The Sorcerers player immediately declares that they would like to leap into the fog too

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> DM: "I really don't have to say this all that often but 'Are you sure you want to do that?'"

> Sorcerer Player: "Yeah, why not"

> The Sorcerer takes a flying leap off the side of the ship.

> There is Silence

> There's shouting

> Theres a lot of shouting

> There is a brilliant flash, and lightning bolt bursts through the clouds, accompanied by a thunderclap

> The Swashbuckler shrugs, grabs a line off the side of the ship and throws herself into the dense fog

> The Warforged and Goblin look at each other, and together leap off

> As they drop, a large shape emerges – A ship, as big as theirs, powered by a fire elemental at the bow

> The swashbucklers rapier darts back and forth as they duel 3 pirates at once, the sorcerer hurling lightning at a demon that just materialised in front of a Drow with a billowing cloak and an enormous hat.

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> The DM hurriedly drops their notes into the bag and starts pulling out a blank book and scribbling

> The fight rages until only the demon and the captain are standing

> The Captain sees her decimated crew and takes a flying leap off the edge of the ship, casting feather fall

> As she descends, we hear laughter. The demon pops out of existence. So does her summoned elemental.

> The one powering the ship

> There is a creak, a feeling of weightlessness, and then a dropping sensation

> Bugger

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