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To Make a Nasty Villain Seem OK

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In my campaign I have created a high a ranking official that is total slime. He is a combination of Don Corneo and Heidegger from FF7 (Cordegger is the name). He is a total pervert, cocky, utterly ruthless to those under his thumb, uses his position to do pretty nasty things. I want to enforce he isn't an all out murderer or rapists – but he is about 1 step away from it. He would rather see a subordinate suffer or see a romantic interest squirm than even get what he wants. And if he is denied he uses his office to make their life worse – doesn't kill but will bleed them dry of money, make other places deny service etc.

Now before I get to much into worldbuilding of "Why would people listen to him if he is so bad?" – it's a game. It's the way the place is ran and he is about 2 levels away from the highest ranking person in the world. It's just how the world/countries are run.

So now the group I DM for have decided they need to "kill" him to accomplish a task for a fire giant. Now I'm not against it but I'm curious in how I could make this guy sympathetic? To make it difficult or a hard decision to kill him. Now they are already conflicted because one player is related to a Sovereign (political rank under Archduke) of an other continent so she is known. When the players came here (new continent) the Archduke Cordegger was already trying to swoon her and what not and they barely escaped his pressure as he sent his goons after her.

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Additionally the main settlement they went to (Another PC home village) are fine with the idea of getting rid of him so they are encourage an attack. But the PC are conflicted – partly they want to, partly they don't. So how can you make an awful person sympathetic or conflicted to be murdered?

Again – Not against and they know the ramification that can happen. This game took a dark turn with this as the pressure of world events and issues are ramping up. So Im trying to make it stressful as possible.

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