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Tomb of Annihilation but the party is full of speedrunners

> The first session of Tomb of Annihilation

> The party consists of Orc Vampire Warlord, Mechanical half-lich, Castlevania-inspired Belmont character, and a bony bard.

> Tfw the rules of the Death curse applies to them = Speed run time!

> Got a month until the half-lich eats it through the death curse first.

> The expedition starts with them going towards Camp Righteous.

> The Crocodile and Man shrine has proved to the biggest challenge to them.

> One of the sellswords knows about the lore about the Croc and Man shrine.

> They messed with the baby axe beak and then the five adult axe beak rocked up later.

> The Half-Lich just bbq them with a fireball.

> The party checks out the shrine.

> They animated dead the guy in the latrine to walk through the hallway and triggered the pitfall trap.

> The Belmont.tm jumped over the pitfall trap and triggered the blade trap after landing. Big ouch

> The Orc Warlord flew over the two traps with his bone wings (Long story – Curse of Strahd and Amber Temple)

> The Half-Lich animate dead two axe beaks to investigate the puzzle grid.

> One of the axe beaks stepped on the wrong grid to trigger the flame trap and bbq the Orc and Axe beak in question.

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> Orc GTFO

> The torched axe beak survived and triggers the next grid to get bbq again. Rip birb

> The party proceeds to play minesweeper for 10 minutes IRL with animating dead the other axe beaks.

> Biggest grin on my face for them not figuring out the Croc and Man lore applies here. until the sellsword pipes up with the hint.

> Bony bard then piggybacks the sellsword to then sees the glowing glyphs among the wall to show the layout and figures out the door combo.

> They get into the chamber with the 30-foot pillar with steps and the Jug on top of it.

> The half-lich tried to skip the steps by levitating the latrine door and magic carpeting up to the Jug. A lightning bolt strikes out and misses him. A warning shot you can say.

> The sellsword and bony bard climbed the steps and kept their balance.

> The long and short of it is that they got the Jug and gtfo of Camp Righteous.

> More days passes and the party are losing their health one by one.

> Arrives at Camp Vengence

> They go to meet Commander Bonebreak in his command tent.

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> The commander kindly ask them to deliver a message back to Port Nyanzaru.

> The Speedrun party say nope.mp4 and calls him 4head.

> Commander Forehead threatens them with jail for insubordination.

> Half-Lich casts blight on him and Forehead shrives up into a husk.

> The rest of the guards inside the tent were intimidated and went to sleep due to a Sleep spell.

> One of the guards outside calls out to investigate the noise inside.

> Bony Bard has the Disguise self hat to pretend to be Commander Forehead and try to calm the situation down.

> It works and the party GTFO of Camp Vengence towards Mbala.

> The next session will pick up from there.


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