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Treatment for Eating Disorder

Author – Preeti Gupta

Session 1

Aim of the session – To build rapport and have an introduction to the issue.


CP- Hello X! I am Ms. Preeti, your counsellor, you can say your secret friend.

Client- Hello mam.

CP- Please have some water.

Client- Thank you!

CP- How do you come to know about me?

Client- I came to know about you through google.

CP- Oh! nice. Please tell me about yourself.

Client- My name is Mr. X. I live in Rohini Sec 8, Delhi. I am pursuing my first year in Bachelor's in Arts from DU. I am gaining 5kg weight from the last 3 months each and now I am tired of it. I had tried to get treatment from many people but didn't get any benefit. Do you have any solution for this?

CP- Of course! We can overcome this issue if we want.

Client- How?

CP- Just by little effort. What do you think we can do?

Client- I know you will say to not eat food. I had tried but I can't stop myself from eating. Even my mom is fed up with me.

CP- Okay. It means you feel anxious to take food at any time even if you are not hungry. Am I right?

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Client- Yes, that's why I don't want to go to college also.

CP- Hmm. No problem, we have many alternatives for this issue.

Client- Please share.

CP- Okay. Can we do one thing?

Client- What?

CP- Can we have food with a break of 2 hours? And between that break, you can do your studies and in another break another task…. like this?

Client- It seems tough because I can't control it.

CP- Okay. Then how much time can be good for us?

Client- I will try to control for 1 hour.

CP- Okay. It is also good for this time. Try to stop eating for a break of 1 hour and you can stay away from food places and try to engage in another task.

Client- Okay. I will try.

CP- Okay then we will meet after 15 days and will see BMI and perform other amazing tests and try to solve the issue.

Client- Okay. Thank you, mam.

CP- Thank you. Good luck.


AIM- To analyze the last step and add further according to the response.


CP- Hello X! Please have a seat.

Client- Hello mam. Thank you.

CP-How are you?

Client- I am fine mam. How are you?

CP- I am good. How are things going on?

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Client- They are okay.

CP- Good. What about the homework?

Client- I tried to do it. My full focus on when 1 hour will be completed.

CP- Yes it happens at starting. But great we have crossed our level 1.

Client- Now what to do?

CP- Today, we will measure BMI.

Client- Okay. I know it will be approaching the sky.

CP- We will bring it down in some time. What do you like most?

Client- I like to have parantta, burger, chowmein, cold drink…..

CP- Oh… mostly junk foods?

Client- Yes mam, they are so yummy and spicy that I want to eat them every time.

CP- That's true but don't you think these are not good for health?

Client- Yes, I know they have fat, cholesterol, I have seen a video on youtube.

CP- It means you are conscious of your health. Good. So we can take our second step.

Client- What's that? I want to know.

CP-Okay. So can we stop having outside food? You can eat homemade food after 1 hour.

Client – My mom is already fed up with me. How will I fill my stomach from home?

CP- You are a big boy. You can make yourself also.

Client- It is tough.

CP- Yes, It is. Try to do it. You might enjoy it.

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Client- Okay.

CP- Then let's meet after 15 days and don't remember you're amazing task because I know you help your mother in cooking when you were small.

Client- Yes that's true.

CP- Hm. Bye. Good luck.

Client- Bye mam. Thank you.

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