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Twist on a time jump for players?

I'm running a homebrew campaign and for the "second act" so to speak, I need to have the big bads (think a Hydra like cult of necromancers and sympathizers) take the eastern side of the kingdom to block other nations aiding (other nations have warred with my setting, Kerretea, so relations are murky at best to begin with).

Additionally, I homebrewed a strong telepath mage, The Designer, (think evil Professor X in scope of power, but not looking like him) and all his spells and skills are flavoured to be psionic (e.g. Banishment spell but he can only banish to the Astral Plane which I've altered to be more of a psychic and psionic realm).

I was thinking of having The Designer banish the party to the astral plane where they'll have a fight with one party member that's a dual-personality, double agent (Clarabell, a personality created and implanted by The Designer, and a separate personality Clarissa the OG that is activated by a trigger phrase. This was a route the player approached me himself to help design), then after that is resolved they need to find an escape and get back to their bodies and fight a mini boss to get back to their bodies. Ideally two sessions but possibly more pending player choices.

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When they return, they find out they've been catatonic for 6 months even though it didn't feel long for them in the Astral Plane, and find the cult has taken over the eastern areas and converted most of the cities on that side to undead or recruited to cult.

INB4 others jump on me about it I realized as I was typing this out that I probably unconsciously was inspired by Antman in Endgame.

Does this sound like something doable that isn't too heavy handed or railroady? I second guess my abilities as a DM a lot as this is my first campaign and I have a story that I am pretty proud but want to tell it effectively but balancing with what the players do in their choices.

What are peoples' thoughts? Also feel free to ask any questions for further clarification on aspects or even just to hear about the world and story I'm making. I kinda love to talk about it.


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