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Two months ago I DM’d for the first time…

As the title says, two months ago I DM'd for the first time.

I got sent out of town for some military training, while here a few of my fellow students had expressed interest in playing some DnD. We talked for a bit and agreed to play, but none of us had experience as a DM. I myself had only played a handful of times before this, but I decided it couldn't be that hard (I was wrong).

So, I went to the local game store here and bought some books, and a few minis.The books: Candlekeep Mysteries, Players Handbook, and a GM guide.

Turns out, playing out of a book isn't all that intuitive. So after the first quest, I decided I'll come back to it later once I've learned what to do. So instead I did what any sane person would do. I created a campaign myself. A whole world, lore, quests, NPCs, taverns, shops, the whole nine.In fact, I even hired an artist to make a poster to commemorate my first campaign.

Well it turned out, the players LOVED IT. So much in fact for the first month, we played EVERY NIGHT for around 3-4 hours a night.

It blew my mind that there are people out there who loved my story, they wanted to play in this world during all of their free time, I had to take it back a bit just because it was a lot of work creating that much content.

They've gone through two whole "chapters" and three different continents. They know the lore so well, and they're never on their phone. It feels GREAT!

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I can't stop DMing, it's more fun than playing a character. I ended up buying a bunch of source books, some PDF's with some made up shops and NPC's as supplements to make up time for nights I didn't have to prepare. I even bought a course on how to DM (it had a lot of things i hadn't thought of before). I've been really big into writing stories in the past, and this just feels right!

I've learned so much in these past two months, and I don't plan on stopping. In fact, Ive even created a community, that I'll be working on in the near future for people to find DMs for their campaigns.

Thanks for letting me share, I've gotten incredibly passionate about this!

As a thanks for letting me share, Heres the introduction to my very first campaign.

In the village of Vyndrelmere, the sky is halted in a perpetual state of blue hour. Too light to use a torch, but too dark not to. It's mostly the elderly and those who require lenses to see that travel by way of torch light. A constant thick fog surrounds the village and its surrounding land. Travelers arriving into the town, talk of having walked for weeks in the dense fog.The street lamps are always lit, but red lenses cover the lamps so as to not ruin the night vision of those who have adapted and prefer the dark. Most people figure this is the way it is now, and that they might as well adapt. Telling night from day is almost impossible as the moon, and sun look the same through the thick fog.

As you approach the entrance to the town, a festival is being held, people are drinking, laughing and singing. The sound of banging drums and the whine of stringed instruments are only competing against the blazing wooshes of people juggling balls of flame, others are bellowing tall towers of fire from their mouths. Likely performances, and not actual magic. You begin to make your way to the village square, as you get closer, it becomes more difficult to navigate and pass through the crowd. Women dance by you waving ribbons of every color, sparkling in the torch lit fog. You push your way up to the front of the crowd where a gnome stands on a bucket. Wearing a top hat, and tuxedo. He has a cane, but it doesn’t appear that it's for walking, as he’s waving it around as he continues a story you’ve just walked into.While his story progresses he looks at you 3, and gives a quick glance and a nod your way. It appears he’ll speak to you when he’s finished addressing the crowd. He continues his talking “That's why we must enjoy tonight, dance until your hearts give out, drink until you’ve had you fill, sing until you can no longer bear to breath! The evil residing in the Raven Trust Chateaux is NOT our king, and it will know that it cannot wear us down! We will not turn into mindless blood drinking slaves like our neighbors to the west. NOW GO AND CELEBRATE LIFE!”

The short man hops down from his makeshift podium as the crowd disperses, and he makes his way to your group. Holding his hand out he introduces himself. “I am Marteen Vancleef. The mayor of Vyndrelmere! I’m not sure why you're here or why you’ve come. But I can tell it's not for party nor trade. I feel fate has heard my pleas and sent me the adventures i've been asking for!”

*group introductions*

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TL;DR I started DMing two months ago, and now I'm addicted.

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