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Uninspired backstory doesnt mean It cant be cinematic

Be me

Social outcast, red skinned Tiefling. Working as a smuggler- sort of- along the sword coast.

"How can someone that is bound to be double checked at every city gate be a smuggler?" you ask.

Im just the distraction, the real contraband is 3 carts behind me in line at the gate.

Hold up the line, increase the chance the following carts get waved trough

Get to spend a lot of time getting talked down to by Guards

It isnt glamorous but honest work is hard to come by for my kind

And technically I am not doing anything illegal myself

I just hang out with smugglers and am complicit in their crimes….for a modest cut

Sometimes I get to row some specialty goods out to coastal trade ships at night

I like that part of the work, no people to talk down to me

One night row through massive fog-bank to get to the anchored ship

Icy cold, row for a long time but dont find the ship

Cant see the lanterns on the ship anymore, just the fog around me

decide to call out, big No No in the business but getting lost at see is as well

No answer

Well….shit, after some time to try and get my bearings again I decide to wait for sunrise

Got rations for 2 days and some fresh water with me

even if i drift out to sea for 1 day I can make it back to shore as soon as I see the starts again

A day passes but it doesnt get bright

The fog lifts a bit but I dont see the stars

I am adrift in almost perfectly still deep DARK waters, no wind, no stars, no shore or ships in sight.

What in the Nine Hells? This is definitely not right

No bearings means I better not waste my strength and aimlessly row

Sit there in my rowboat with a crate of untaxed spices in an endless sea of inky black water

Drift there for a while I dont how how long. Dip my hand in the water

That was a mistake. Its icy cold and my hand is frozen stiff when I pull it out

Have a little existential crisis

ball up in my rowboat and let time pass. Run out of food after indeterminate time

Its really hard to keep track of time without day and night

can feel me getting weaker, incredibly thirsty.

Not long until I wont be able to resist drinking sea water

I know its bad, but there is a madness that comes with being thirsty

If you never experienced it you wouldnt understand

Drift in and out of hazy sleep/unconsciousness, incredibly weak

Cant resist anymore and fill my waterskin with the icy cold water

Let it warm up for a while….only it doesnt….so thirsty

Take a sip. Feel as if my insides freeze solid. Fall unconscious with a thought on my mind

"Why isnt it Salt Water?"

When I regain my senses the fog is back only this time its filled with whispers

Great, I get to go crazy before I starve to death. Just my Luck.

I am not alone in my Rowboat, startled I try to crawl away from the stranger

Ah, silly. Its just a hallucination. Focus my eyes -hard work and look at it

Grey Skin, pointy ears, no hair, leather armor and a cloak, a glint of steel

Looks a bit like an Elf in a rebellious phase. Just sits there looking at me.

Alright, better imaginary weird company than dying alone. Try to say hello

Only a weak wheeze comes out

The stranger speaks up, a voice like pulling a razor over leather

"You are lost in a place you dont belong to"

no kidding I am lost. Try to chuckle but only manage some loud exhalations

"The Queen says your fate is at a crossroads, Devilkin"

who are you calling devilkin you bald twat? Why cant I hallucinate improbably friendly women?

The strangers eyes narrow

Did I say that out loud?

"You have a choice to make." Steel glints as the stranger draws a dagger

"The mercy of steel and the peace that follows after, or……."

My imaginary guest sure is a drama queen…king? Hard to tell.

"You get to live for a while longer. But not as your own man but as an instrument of her will"

Life sounds good. I long ago decided that I wasnt a quitter

Got a shit hand dealt to me being born a Tiefling but I will be damned if I fold too soon.

Wheeze out another chuckle at the drawn dagger. My subconscious can blow me.

"A commendable choice" the strange figure glides towards me

It presents a small dull shard of metal as long as a fingernail

"Hold still child"

As if I could move…let myself fall into fitfull sleep. Dimly remember a stabbing pain in my chest.

When I come to my senses again I hear Seagulls and the washing of the ocean

I hear shouting of sailors, I hear a rowboat being let to water and soon after I am saved

Get nursed back to health on board of the Swiftraven, not the ship I was to rendezvous with.

Captain is a stern fellow but doesnt share the distrust towards my kind

"If ye see a man adrift, ye help. It be in the rules."

Fun guy. Over the next week on route to Neverwinter I regain my strength

Man I am glad I made it out of that ordeal.

I have this cold pulsing sensation going through me with every heartbeat though

And my dreams are very odd. Dreams of Magic formulas, Arcane knowledge and Swordplay

Dreams of impending doom, a puppet on strings and the dead stirring in their graves

I didnt know it at that time but….

Be Me

Be lvl 1 Hexblade Warlock


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