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Unpopular Opinion? As a player, I’d rather not know of a BBEG world ending plot until at least mid-campaign.

Content of the article: "Unpopular Opinion? As a player, I’d rather not know of a BBEG world ending plot until at least mid-campaign."

I know everyone's world is different, and everyone has their play styles, but I just personally find it taxing to have stumbled upon some an ancient buried plot to take over the world and enslave all the souls at level 2.

When the disparity is so obvious, it's hard to deny the instinct to tell the biggest, strongest king / organization that you know, and then back away slowly. Especially if said strong people have court mages and guards that could annihilate your party for using bad table manners, but are apparently powerless to help. But this isn't even about the "Why would an all-powerful wizard rely on 4 nobodies to solve their problems" trope. That's been addressed a hundred times.

Really, it's just about a desire to not have a sensation burning in the back of your head that the world is slowly being brought to ruin, and it's your job to take care of it. I would much rather think the world is going on as normal, while me and some friends decide to clear out that haunted manor to see if we could squat in it. Maybe then we'll go check out that cave all the people keep disappearing from after that. Or maybe we'll corner the market on mango-based snacks. Who knows?

Maybe it's just me, but it's just *slightly* harder to enjoy "Let's see what's over that hill and see what happens" when you know that an ancient god is replacing all the world's leaders with mind-controlled clones, or whatever, every day that you're traveling.

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Now, of course you should feel under-powered once that threat *does* show up, but by then I'd like to think your characters are strong enough that most people in the world might think to call on you, or defer to you, not that you happened to be a party of unemployed people in the right place and time. That was the case for my first campaign, and we decided that for the second go-round we were all going to be members of the same treasure hunting guild. Now obviously we're seeing little hints dropped about what *will* be coming our way, but for the characters, they get to just be worried about the week in front of them and bond naturally, and I think we're have a lot of fun because of it.

Any thoughts?

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