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Unpopular opinion: Mind Flayers are fun in their concept but anti fun in combat

Content of the article: "Unpopular opinion: Mind Flayers are fun in their concept but anti fun in combat"

I need to preface something: I'm biased because my first 5 sessions of my first DnD campaign (I came in to one already started) I had a fighter and spent all my fights either stunned or dominated. It was not a great way to be introduced to the game.

So yeah Mind Flayers have a fun concept. They look disgusting, their way of reproduction is cool and disturbing af, and overall they are creepy. I love everything about them but fighting them. They are anti fun to fight. If you got a low intelligence or bad rolls you get mind blasted and sit there. And that is pretty damn sad and boring.

As a player I would rather get hit and hit back or something that gives me options rather than sit, wait for my turn, roll, and wait again. I did a one shot where I used a mind flayer because it fit the theme of the one shot at the time. Seemed hypocritical to use them but yeah. My players were laughing, talking amongst themselves and having a good time. Then I mind blasted and they all failed their saves. The talking stopped and it was mostly silence for the first half of the fight. I could feel the shift in mood of the table and I personally believe when my players stop having fun I failed.

It's a feeling of helplessness that sucks. You get grappled, restrained, poisoned, blinded or whatever you can still do stuff. When stunned you can't do anything unless your team helps. If they can. Let's say you fail 3 rolls which is understandable if you're low to medium int. That is 3 rounds of just sitting and doing nothing. Rolls dice. Nope okay next person.

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I get it you need to make your own fun as a player and make the best of it. I don't complain or try to act openly aggrivated when my DM uses these guys. But it still makes me a little sore. Hell it's only Mind Blast that I have a problem with. At least with Dominate you can have fun with it and role playing attacking your allies. At least THAT gives you something to do on your turn.

My DM uses Mind Flayers as the main bad guys so I'm kinda venting. So sorry about this post but I spent last session just sitting around with a group of 7 as my rogue sat there and did nothing. But does anyone else feel what I do with these creatures?

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