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UPDATE: DM wants to change spellcasters with chance of permadeath

Warning: gonna be a long one but we need help! Thank you to those that read! Update is in first 3 paragraphs, all other issues below read em if ya wanna laugh at the idiocy.

Basically what i'm asking; Are we the crazy ones? Are these ideas actually amazing and we should run with them? Or are they actually majorly unfair to us players and we're not insane to think it's not a fun way to play?

So previously I posted about how our DM wanted to change spellcasters as such: no spell slots and if you roll a 1 on an attack roll twice you have a chance of permadeath. And we pick 3 spells and that’s all we get and have to find, buy or get taught every other spell in all of existence yet are locked in “death house” with no chance of getting to a major city or around NPCs that could actually teach us any. The DM actually told us it would be another 6 sessions or so before we’d be leveling to level 3 (after 40 hours of in game time locked at level 2 with no specification that this was a slow build game). And that when we hit level 3 we would entering a major city. That was his milestone yet refuses to allow his players out of the locked campaign and forced 3 spell max nerf.

Update: we had our dreaded session last night where we brought up our issues. We had maybe 5 or 6 game altering issues that we brought up. He locked our convo to an hour. Then proceeded to talk for half of it without anyone being able to speak. As in we try to talk and he just barrels through and talks over us. Eventually we were able to speak. For maybe 15 minutes tops. We argue that 3 spells at level 2 and into level 3 is unacceptable. It destroys the balance between casters and fighters. He backed up on this. I explained to him that yeah waking up one morning with all these new powers from a level up doesn’t make much sense rp wise. So I view it, that even with milestone leveling, at level 2 you’re gaining the experience and confidence to learn and use level 3 spells. When you hit level 3, you just are able to actually cast and use them. So we came up with the idea as a group to RP our spell learning for the next level. If I’m at level 2, I tell the Dm all the spells I’ll look at for level 3 and he writes them into RP. This also means that my chaotic neutral bard may not learn “raise dead” or “communicate with plants”. Which makes sense for her character anyhow and we all agreed that it was totally fine for all of the party. That was solved all was happy.

Now to the biggest issue. The permadeath. His words exactly last night “yeah just have a second character sheet with you all the time, you’ll probably die every 3 sessions or so, but that’s fine it’s good for television”. (which is an issue i'll talk about later) And we erupted in “absolutely not”s. We spend hundreds of hours building and playing our characters. Death should be meaningful. He also failed to mention that EVERY spell cast would require a D20 roll with DC10 to even happen at all. Including hunters mark type spells that just happen and spells like sleep with saving throws for the enemy. If we roll a one on the DC10 roll for the spell to go off OR the roll to hit we originally would’ve had chance of permadeath. In fact my character would’ve died twice last night alone had those been the rules. This was his grand idea to balance us not using spell slots. “Cast whatever you want, whenever as many times as you want.” Which we didn’t want in the first place. We liked the idea of spell slots. It balanced it all out. Maybe not perfectly but way better than this! Especially when we hit higher levels. So we backed him off from detonating our entire game enough that instead he insisted we try it but with corruption points instead of permadeath chance. Basically he just chose something bad to happen to our characters. Like mine is now bald. Thats fine. Whatever its funny. But he claims our casters have no idea how to get rid of corruption points loosly going off of the D8 roll chart from "Findle Wiki" and if we get over 16 there's no going back. it's permanent. Our characters also don't know how to get rid of them. But he explained that the way is to selflessly do a good deed or even multiple to get rid of one point. Pretty impossible with a chaotic neutral bard, chaotic good rouge, chaotic neutral necromancer and a lawful good paladin. At least rare enough that it can't even come anywhere near compensating. I cast 3 spells last night. that's it. and got a point of corruption. So that's what we feel we've been forced to play into as his solution. We'll give it another session which is what we agreed to and if he's not willing to play by PHB rules/ total party decided on rules then we're out. like literally his entire party besides the one new player that's his kid.

now to all of our new issues. Feel free to skip if ya only wanted an update but if ya wanna feel our pain and laugh, stick around, 1) no more flat proficiancy bonus. levels 1-4 roll a D4 for EVERY check or attack that adds proficiancy. So at level 2 with a +2 bonus i could have a +1-4. When i brought up my bardic half proficiancy he shrugged and said "Figure it out". Yeah thanks a lot DM. 2) Complete change of how combat works. One player in the party rolls for the ENTIRE party initiative. Our party has 1 initiative number. The bad guys all have 1 initiative number. Say we rolled higher. We declare our intended target and cant change that based on our teammates actions or damage. If player 1 kills a guy and player 2 was gonna attack him before he died, 2's attack now just hits a dead body. next movement. We move or do non-attack based things like hiding or inspiration or spells that buff like mage armor. Then the enemy as a whole move. Then melee and ranged attacks that are non-magical. then enemy melee and ranged attacks that are non magical. THEN spell attacks or AOE's or any spells that do damage. So now spellcasters don't even really have much of any chance to get to play because of our two boss paladins and sneak attack rouge that go before us every. single. combat. which brings me to 3. 3) ALL players and enemies HP will be capped at 20. Period. no matter our level. they will only ever have 20 max HP. Even if we were at level 5. or 10. Monsters will be hp nerfed accordingly. But this means that with enemies below 20, us spellcasters become utterly useless. all the time. with chance of corruption points and have to pass a DC10 for a spell to work and pass an enemy's AC if it's an attack roll and have them fail a saving throw if it's that kind of spell for us to literally do anything. 4) the enemy have 1 set AC. You're fighting a red dragon and a goblin at the same time? they both have 15 AC. The dragon no harder to hit than the goblin. Yet again nerfing spellcasters that have to roll twice as much as fighters with the new rules. 5) "Spells like fly, or move earth or wall of stone are way too OP. You can't use them. Any spell you wanna ever use i have to allow it. But all those stupid utility OP spells that allow you to avoid challenges you won't be using." Those were his words. No conversation to be had. I took this as we're not allowed to find creative ways around combat or difficulties. So much for RP and creativity. 6) He has this grand idea that he'll be the next matt mercer and we'll make him money. We signed up to play a game. When he brought up the idea of livestreaming we were hesitant but agreed to go along with the idea. It snowballed into this insane thing where he's pushed everything beyond limits with the excuse of "It's good for television". He hired an artist to make an intro where he sketches our characters. He changed our character's physical appearances. Without consulting the players. Asked a player to do a massive digital project for free . Asked if I would make an intro song with 11 different medieval instruments and 3 part harmony. I only play piano. and not that well. He asked in all seriousness. Like not only do I not know how to play 11 different instruments I have no composing skill or software or ability to. And when I said no 3 times bluntly he kept insisting. On weeks we can't make dnd he gets almost personally offended that we don't treat this like a job. We're not hired actors. We all have jobs and lives. So yeah. It's all just become a bit of a mess…


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