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(UPDATE) How to help get my players in character

Content of the article: "(UPDATE) How to help get my players in character"

Made this post a couple days ago about my Strahd campaign and how the party still felt like a bunch of strangers traveling together for no reason. Two of my players in particular were having problems getting to know who their own characters were.

Well I talked to the players in question, we refined their background story (mostly just simplifying it). The druid abandoned his village after it was routed by orcs and lost himself in nature, the monk from the same village journeyed to train for vengeance.

Last night the players made their way to the Tser Pool Vistani encampment and it was the perfect opportunity to bring out some backstory. I had the players meet a drunk vistana who offered to trade food and wine and lore in exchange for the players' stories. I didn't force each player to tell a story, but I rewarded each try with helpful campaign information that the vistani would know, as well as inspiration for really putting themselves out there with RP.

I also used madam Eva to try to tie the player's stories to barovia. For the monk and druid from the same village madam Eva told them that their village was betrayed by one of their own, and that the betrayer is trapped in Barovia. Haven't decided how this is going to pay off later, but it felt like a good element to add. For our Warlock, Eva told him that an evil greater than strahd is the real controller of this land, the one who controls the mists, perhaps it's the same old god he made a pact with? For our fighter, I told him that his order is descended from the order of knights in Barovia.

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It went great! The players all got opportunities to share, and now the party feels much more like a party than a group of strangers. We ended the session in the middle of campfire time, so if any of my other players feel like sharing next session they have a little time to prepare.

Thanks everyone for the advice, and hopefully it keeps going well! My next hurdle will be Valaki, as a novice DM I haven't really run a larger scale town before so it'll be interesting juggling the events and NPC's there.

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