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Use Metagaming in New Roleplay-Friendly Ways!

Content of the article: "Use Metagaming in New Roleplay-Friendly Ways!"

When we think of metagaming, we usually think of the bad that can come from it. And usually this is due to it decreasing the sense of plausibility of one’s actions or motives. But as DMs, there are some helpful metagaming uses we can introduce to enhance the experience for everyone! The examples follow.

DM may avoid a situation where players get stuck by explaining the in-world common sense directly to players on the spot (“It is common knowledge that these creatures live near rivers and other such bodies of water”). This is usable at any time the characters should already know something, even if it is not listed as a skill on their character sheet, or when it is, as a reminder. A very good thing against unexpected or unnecessary TPKs or goof-ups.

Helping and encouraging in-party roleplay is also a use (“If you two have your hearts set on it, then let me help you with setting up the event”)! The DM can, at important occasions, offer opportunities or scenarios that could otherwise be missed, and afterwards explain them as fortuitous circumstances or the hand of fate at work, even possibly assisting a player character’s act of genius…

Choice of path becomes easier for a reluctant player. When the DM states “this action may more easily lead to this, and that other one to that”, it helps speed things along and makes the decision have a more clear outcome, that is, when the mysteriousness is not desired as much as the path-splitting power of the decision itself.

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“What would you like to do?” or “What would you like to accomplish?” are powerful tools when used OOC (out of character)! This way the player gets to explain to you, the DM, what are you both running the game towards, rather than having both of you take a shot in the dark. You can prepare quests and outcomes this way, it even leaves room for enhancements to be added to said scenarios now that you have a clear target…

Just don’t forget to introduce these concepts to your players as early as possible so that they also know how to work with them ahead of time, as well as to introduce metagaming under a spirit of fair play. Essentially, any fair use of metagaming is OK as long as it does not hurt the campaign or anyone at the table!

A (15min) video with some additional details: https://youtu.be/5VHCms0AEHA

Thank you very much for reading and watching, feel free to ask any questions!

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