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Hey all! I'm sure many of you are familiar with AI Dungeon (https://play.aidungeon.io). If you are not, then all you really need to know is that it is a game that uses the GPT-3 language model from OpenAI (basically an advanced text predictor) to create on-the-fly text-based adventures.

I've been playing with writing D&D content with it, and I thought you like to see one of my most recent attempts. I wrote the text in BOLD, and the game wrote the rest based on that. So yes, this means that the only things I wrote are "The year is" and the prompts for more information ("More about X").

I did curate it a bit by reloading results I didn't like or by trimming the results down here and there as I went. I also spaced out the paragraphs for readability on here. All-in-all, I'd say this took about 30 minutes or so to generate, edit, and post.

It can be random sometimes, but overall I think this is really useable! Let me know what you think of this random crapsack world and if you'd like to see more content like this.

The year is 20XX. You are a young man, just starting your career as an Enforcer for the Syndicate. The Syndicate has been around since before the Great War and it's still going strong today.

More about the Syndicate:
The Syndicate is a group of super-criminals who have banded together to protect their interests in the city of Holgard. They do this by sending out Enforcers (or "Hounds" as some call them) to punish those who defy the Syndicate and also to collect money from those that don't (Or can't) pay the Syndicate their cut.

More about the Great War:
The Great War was a period of destruction that tore the world apart. It began with a Nuclear Holocaust, but it didn't end there. There was a deadly virus that was accidentally released. It turned people into undead zombies. Powerful warlords stepped up to claim what was left of society.

More about the city of Holgard:
Holgard has seen better days. It used to be the shining jewel of the world, but that was before the Great War. It is now locked in an endless battle for survival. The city is split into four different factions:

  1. The Church : A religious faction headed by the God-emperor. He rules the city from his temple-fortress, the Church of Joachim.
  2. The Syndicate : A group of super-criminals that control most of the underworld. They are lead by a mysterious figure known only as The Baron.
  3. The Guild : A group of assassins and spies who control the underworld. They are lead by the Mastermind, a calculating figure that plans every move and chess-move several steps ahead.
  4. The Commoners : The vast majority of people in Holgard are just trying to survive every day. They obey the law, (Or at least pretend to) to avoid the worst of the violence that engulfs the city.
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More about the relations between the four factions:
No one gets on. There is only animosity and violence. The Church and the Guild have a tenuous alliance, but even they are always plotting each others' downfall. The Syndicate has a hateful relationship with both groups and the Commoners see all of them as parasites that need to be wiped out.

More about the zombies:
The zombies are the main threat in Holgard. They are slow, awkward and deadly. There is no cure, only death awaits those infected by the virus. The only choice is whether you die a quick death or a slow one.

Most important landmarks in the city:

  1. The Church of Joachim : The temple-fortress of the Church. It is run by an enigmatic leader known as the God-Emperor.
  2. The River District : A once prosperous part of Holgard before the Great War. Now, it is home to most of the city's homeless population.
  3. The Docks : The place where one can find many sailors and fishermen. Watch out however, as this is also where the River Pirates make their base!
  4. Some Shady Tavern : If you have enough money, you can find someone to ask practically any question.
  5. Some Shady Inn : If you don't have enough money, you can always sleep outside the place.
  6. Dark Alley : This alley isn't dark so much as it is just secluded. What goes on here?
  7. The Bloody Talon Inn : A known hang out for Guild members.
  8. The Temple of Fel : An infamous temple known for its ties to the Syndicate.
  9. The Holgard Watch Station : A place where the Holgard Watch go to drink and sleep.
  10. An abandoned building : Perfect for a secret meeting!

More about the River Pirates:
They are bastards that have established a base on an island not far from the Docks. They raid passing ships for their loot and valuables.

More about the Church of Joachim:
The Church of Joachim is a religion that preaches peace and purity. Joachim was the man that first brought the people together to build Holgard in the first place. However, it has very fascist ideals and views mutants as abominations that need to be wiped out.

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More about the God-Emperor:
The God-Emperor is the enigmatic leader of the Church. No one has seen him in decades and he rules solely through his chief clerics. Some wonder if he is even still alive.

More about Dark Alley:
Dark Alley is a place of shady dealings. People go there to buy black market drugs, stolen property and sometimes people. Both the Guild and the Syndicate have connections there.

More about the Bloody Talon Inn:
The Bloody Talon Inn is the headquarters for the Guild. While not all Guild members are thieves, the place is known to be home to a lot of shady individuals.

More about the Temple of Fel:
The Temple of Fel is a temple to the god of shadows. It is run by five high priests, all with equal footing and an elected High Priest who serves as the leader. It is from this temple that the Syndicate gets many of its members.

Most important recent events:

  1. Some homeless people have gone missing.
  2. A large mutant rat was found dead in the sewers.
  3. Someone broke into the Museum and stole two very rare paintings.
  4. The Syndicate and the Guild had a shoot out in the streets.
  5. Some people think the Holgard Watch are better than the Alternative Guard.
  6. Holgard Watch Captain Hogshead was arrested for taking bribes from the Syndicate.
  7. Captain Kane won the election for Holgard Watch Captain.
  8. The Arantine Company left Holgard because of problems with mutants.
  9. Some people think the war with Keptak is going poorly.
  10. Some people think the war with Keptak is going well.

More about the museum:
The museum was just recently built. It is home to many relics from the ancient past.

More about the Holgard Watch:
The Holgard Watch are the law enforcers of Holgard. They once took orders from the God-Emperor himself, but nowadays they report to the Captain of the Holgard Watch.

More about the Alternative Guard:
The Alternative Guard are a group of vigilantes that take it upon themselves to police the city.

More about relations between the Holgard Watch and the Alternative Guard:
The two groups are at odds with each other. The Holgard Watch believes the Alternative Guard to be dangerous vigilantes, while the Alternative Guard thinks the Holgard Watch is inefficient and corrupt.

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More about Captain Hogshead:
Captain Hogshead is the previous captain of the Holgard Watch. She was recently arrested for taking bribes from the Syndicate. She is still in prison.

More about Captain Kane:
Captain Kane is the current captain of the Holgard Watch. He is a decorated war hero. He has received much praise for cutting back on crime and putting the Syndicate in it's place. He is very much a hero to some, but others claim he is just another corrupt tyrant.

More about the Arantine Company:
The Arantine Company is a mercenary group. They have recently left the city following an attack by mutants.

More about Keptak:
The Kingdom of Keptak is the traditional enemy of Holgard. The two have been at war for as long as anyone can remember. Recently, Keptak has been making progress and the war has been more taxing on Holgard than ever. The city is starting to feel the effects of war. Not just in the loss of life, but also in lost business and resources.

More about mutants:
Mutants are not an uncommon sight in the city sewers. They are generally hated and feared by most other creatures that dwell there. As well as humans. Most of the time they are little more than animals, but some have human intelligence. Either way, they are generally hostile towards humans.

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