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Using In-Game Acceptance To Give A Player Comfort

Content of the article: "Using In-Game Acceptance To Give A Player Comfort"

I wanted to share this moment because it was just so special. I never thought when I started playing D&D I would use it as a platform to help a friend that had discovered they were transgender.

The story goes that this player has to leave late in our campaign due to many problems and a broken mental state. What they discovered is who they really were and during the months they were away started the process of that change. When they finally felt they were ready to come back, I offered them the gift of changing their character in any way, class, spells, and especially any body changes. She decided to change her character from male to female and wanted it done magically.

The character was on a trip while away from the continuing group to find their lost father. His soul had been lost to Limbo and with the help of the Githzerai there was able to move about the plane. During that time they spent the days thinking about themselves and who they were only to discover that something didn’t fit. This lead to a conversation the Githzerai were having about being travelers of all planes and space, as well as being able to choose the parent and body they wanted to inhabit even before birth. They felt bad for other races that weren’t able to choose and were told to make it work with what body and gender they were given.

But our lovey returning character didn’t want to just make it work. They would make that change into the woman they knew they were.

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They brought these feelings as they found their father, who is an immensely strong spellcaster. As their father heard the words of their desire to change, he said he always known and would do anything to help them change. Using the spell True Polymorph and the ruling that permanent changes could be implanted while maintaining concentration for the entire duration of the spell… our beloved character made the switch from male to female.

It was immediately so special to them as a player and as a person going through the process. Someone that deserves that acceptance and love. Our players adored it and cherished their decisions. So it truly was a special moment and goes to show how special D&D really can be.

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