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Vampiric Disciplines: Blood Magic


I've found a need to create a bit more vampiric intrigue in my own campaign, and that has resulted in adapting some themes and abilities found in Vampire: The Masquerade (V5) to help manage this. Below is one of the Disciplines I've adapted.

Other Disciplines:

Discipline Discipline Discipline
Animalism Auspex Celerity
Chimerstry? Dominate Fortitude
Obfuscate Oblivion Potence
Presence Protean Vicissitude

*Not sure if I'm going to do one for Chimerstry. It's cool, but super niche.

Blood Points

All vampires have a pool of Blood Points that can be used to power their supernatural abilities. The number of Blood Points a vampire has increases with their age and power. Generally speaking, a vampire will have one Blood Point for each Hit Die on their stat block.

Additionally, they can spend blood points to perform various skills and abilities:

  • Activate a Discipline Power. Discipline abilities for Blood Magic are described below
  • Undying Resilience. The vampire uses a bonus action and spends up to 5 Blood Points to spend that many hit dice to recover health.
  • Supernatural Resistance. The vampire uses their reaction and spends a Blood Point to automatically succeed on a failed saving throw. This ability replaces any Legendary Resistance the vampire has.

Blood Points can only be regained by drinking the blood of another humanoid. The vampire makes a bite attack and, if they hit, they can choose to regain one Blood Point for every 5 damage dealt (rounded down) instead of regaining HP. If this attack kills the target, they regain all of their Blood Points.


If a vampire spends all of their blood points, they lose control of the Beast within and enter a Frenzy until they kill another humanoid with a bite attack or regain half of their maximum number of Blood Points.

While frenzied, a vampire gains the following traits and abilities until they are no longer in a frenzy. These traits are always active and require no action to activate.
Relentless Attacks. The vampire has advantage on melee attacks, but attack rolls against the vampire are made with advantage. Each round, the vampire can roll one extra attack and gains a second reaction.
Fast Movement. While frenzied, the vampire's speed increases by 10 ft.
Mindless Thirst. The vampire gains resistance to psychic damage and immunity to charm and dominate effects. They must also attack the nearest living or vampiric creature, even if that creature is an ally, and they cannot willingly flee combat as long as another living creature or vampire is within 60 ft or line of sight.
Sense Blood. The vampire can sense living creatures within 60ft of itself as long as their heart is beating.

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Gaining Powers

The abilities in each section below are divided up into three categories: Apprentice, Journeyman, and Mastery Powers. In general, it is assumed that a vampire needs several decades to advance from an Apprentice Powers to Journeyman Powers and at least a century after that to reach a Mastery rank in a discipline.

To make some quick comparisons, a Vampire Spawn (MM p298) should be considered an Apprentice rank in any disciplines they have. The Vampire (MM p297) should be a Master of their Disciplines. If you want to create more vampire NPCs to fill in the gaps, or to let your players slowly build up to a more powerful boss, tie a vampire's power levels to their Hit Dice (and thus, pool of Blood Points). A vampire with 1-7 hit dice is an Apprentice, 8-15 is a Journeyman, and 16+ is a Master rank vampire.

For many of the higher ranked abilities, the Blood Point cost remains fairly low. This allows a master vampire to use their abilities more freely, as they have a larger pool of blood points to spend, and younger vampires must be more mindful of relying on their abilities if they wish to avoid a Frenzy.

Blood Magic

The spirit of mortal creatures is a powerful source of magic and powerful spell casters can sometimes achieve legendary feats by forging this connection between the Weave and their souls. Undead creatures, by virtue of being without a soul of their own, must resort to using the next best thing: blood.

Meta: Spellcasting Classes

Depending on the magic level in your world, you may have to make extra decisions. What happens if an archmage is turned into a vampire and inherits this Discipline?

Meta: Dispelling Blood Sorcery

While the abilities from other Disciplines are not considered magical effects, those listed here can be counterspelled or dispelled. If a character attempts to dispel such an effect, they must roll a spellcasting ability check. The DC is equal to 10 + the number of Blood Points spent on the targeted effect.


Some of the abilities here are tagged as rituals. These abilities require a process to perform and although they cannot be dispelled, they can be interrupted. In such a case, any Blood Points are consumed, but the ritual fails.

Additional Notes

In Vampire: the Masquerade, Blood Magic is one of the broadest Disciplines and has dozens of different Traditions that come from various Clans and sects within the world of the undead. This document cannot be an exhaustive overview of all the options White Wolf has, so be sure to check out their content for more inspiration!

Additionally, for the sake of streamlining this document, the Discipline of Thaumaturgy practiced by Clan Tremere is being included here instead of being a stand-alone Discipline.

Apprentice Powers

Even new practicioners of Blood Magic can tap into the innate magic found within the blood of living creatures.

Arcane Proficiency

0 Blood Points

The vampire chooses one school of magic, and can spend their blood points to cast spells from that school. The number of blood points required is based on the spell's level. Spells are always cast at their lowest level, use the spell's specified components, and require liquid blood, which is consumed.

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Spell Level Blood Point Cost
1st 2
2nd 3
3rd 5
4th 6
5th 7

Corrosive Vitae

1 Blood Point

Action Required: 1 bonus action
Range: Self
Duration: Up to 1 minute

For the duration, the vampire's vitae becomes highly acidic. Whenever the vampire is hit by a weapon attack, creatures within 5 feet take 7 (2d6) acid damage from the blood spatter.


3 Blood Points (Ritual)

Time Required: 1 hour
Duration: Up to 1 day

A vampire affected by this ritual can stay awake during the day. They still suffer any other negative affects from the day, such as taking radiant damage in sunlight and so on.


2 Blood Points

Action Required: Cast a Spell
Duration: Instantaneous

When you cast a spell, you can choose to spend two blood points to mimic the Empowered Spell or Extended Spell Metamagic options of sorcerers, even if you have no sorcerer class levels. You can only apply one Metamagic to a spell in this manner.

Minor Alchemy

1 Blood Point

Action Required: 1 action
Range: Touch
Duration: Up to 1 hour

For the duration, you can alter the material in an nonmagical object you touch. The object must be made of only one material and up to 1 square foot. The object can be changed into any other material as long as the its new value is less than 500gp.

Potent Magic

1 Blood Point

Action Required: 1 bonus action
Range 30 ft
Duration: instantaneous

Choose a creature in range that is subject to one of your spell effects. That creature has disadvantage on its next saving throw to break your spell effect.

Journeyman Powers

Experience begets power, especially for those with Blood Sorcery. Given enough time, a vampire with access to this discipline can learn the following abilities.

Adept Arcane Proficiency

0 Blood Points

The vampire chooses a secondary school of magic, and can spend their blood points to cast spells from that school. The number of blood points required for this is based on the spells level per the chart under the Apprentice Arcane Proficiency section.

Create Minor Magic Item

2 Blood Points (Ritual)

Time Required: Varies
Duration: Until dispelled

By focusing and condensing the magic found in blood, a vampire can create a wide array of magical items. Using Blood Magic cuts the crafting time and costs in half, but it can only create common or uncommon items.


2 Blood Points

Action Required: 1 action
Range: Self
Duration: Instantaneous

By tasting a drop of liquid blood, a vampire can discern several aspects of the creature the blood game from. Traits that can be discovered this way include the creature's:

  • Race, age, and number of hit dice.
  • Native plane or, if the vampire is familiar with that area, the particular region the creature is from.
  • Emotional state at the time of injury.
  • Highest physical ability score.

Minor Blood Ward

2 Blood Points (Ritual)

Time Required: 1 hour
Duration: until dispelled or triggered, up to 1 week

By tracing symbols of power over an object or surface no larger than a 5 foot cube, a vampire can create a subtle protective ward that protects the targeted object or surface from contact with a particular type of creature. Common types of wards might repel specific vampire clans, or any living creature. Alternatively, they could be more precisely tuned to only block living tieflings. Whenever a creature triggers a ward, they take 5d6 necrotic damage.

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Paralytic Ichor

2 Blood Points

Action Required: 1 bonus action
Range: 30 feet
Duration: 1 minute

By concentrating their vitae, a vampire can create a toxic paralytic. This ability creates enough poison to coat a single melee weapon or 10 pieces of ammunition, and lingers for 1 minute. A creature damaged by a weapon coated with this poison must make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or be paralyzed until the start of the vampire's next turn.

Steal Vitae

1 Blood Point

Action Required: 1 Bonus Action
Range: 30 feet
Duration: Instantaneous

The vampire chooses an injured target within range and calls to their blood. The target must succeed a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or take 3d6 necrotic damage. If the target fails the saving throw, the vampire regains 3 Blood Points as the target's blood is drawn to the vampire and consumed.

Twilight Shroud

3 Blood Points

Action Required: 1 action
Range: Self
Duration: 1 hour

For the duration a vampire under this effect takes no damage from sunlight as long as the sky is overcast or they are in the shade. If they step into direct sunlight, they still take the normal amount of radiant damage, but they do not catch on fire or show any visible sign of injury from the sun.

Mastery Powers

The oldest practitioners of Blood Magic can weave the most powerful incantations among their kind.

Boiling Blood

3 Blood Points

Action Required: 1 action
Range: 30 feet
Duration: Instantaneous

The vampire reaches toward a target within range, causing their blood to reach scalding temperatures. The target must make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or be boiled from within. The target takes 6d6 fire damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one.

Major Blood Ward

4 Blood Points (Ritual)

Time Required: 2 hours
Duration: Until Dispelled

Major Wards function just as a minor ward, except that they last until they are dispelled or suppressed and it can repel up to two types of creatures.

Stake Shield

3 Blood Points (Ritual)

Time Required: 1 hour
Duration: 8 hours

For the duration, any attack rolls made with wooden piercing weapons are made at disadvantage. Additionally, the first time a vampire would be damaged by such a weapon, it splinters and breaks, the vampire takes no damage, and the ward is expended.


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