Dungeons & Dragons Online

Veris’ New Best Friend (Bonus Star Wars)

Be me: Veris; Sith(Species) Force Adept

Be not me: DM, Violet; Human Scout, Narssk; Trandoshan Jedi Guardian

Session opens in the Carrier… we're still alive from not too long ago.

We're offered payment in forms of a new ship, upgrades for the AT-TE, or personal gear for the three of us.

Decide to take a shiny new ship! A Guardian class light cruiser.

Our shiny new ship is capable of storing the AT-TE inside the ship.

Notice our human had to step AFK for something so we continue plotting out how to modify our ship with the weapons we have available to us.

Our Human returns and we get on with it.

Nobody is directly telling us what to do… Narssk asks the Jedi Council about what we should do, Veris suggests that we go to Korriban

Somehow the Jedi Council is okay with us going to Korriban.

"Let me do the talking, they'll see I'm a Sith and should let us pass." – Veris as they approach the boarder of the Sith Empire.

A few well placed bribes and Sith charisma and we're past the boarder outpost.

We step out of the ship… immediately there's people eyes us up.

Good day, we're not being shot at… yet.

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Veris leads the party down the road toward the small town.

Port authority asks for docking fees… in proper Sith style Veris simply replies "Do you really value your life that lowly?"

…somehow Veris passes the intimidation check!

A band of thugs try and rob us as we step into town… Narssk lights his crimson-bladed lightsaber as Veris launches one of them into the sky.

DM calls for intim rolls…. a crit fail and a good roll! They all book it.

Veris grabs one an Narssk points his saber at him and demands he guide us to where we're going.

Have him lead us to a Disruptor shop, buy a few guns.

Satisfied with our new guns we have him lead us to a breeder or trapper of Tuk'ata.

Veris walks up to their pen and speaks Sith to them 'I need a companion for traveling the starts, one hearty enough to survive improvements'

One of them steps forward, a strong and hearty hound. Good murder-puppy!

With our business on Korriban tended too we tell the guide to walk back to our ship with us… everything goes well.

Ask the crew if they had to shoot anyone for trying to board the ship… they say they had to close the door and there's a few burn marks. Narssk walks up to the docking authority to address the fact of the marks on our ship.

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The docking authority, wanting not to be stabbed with a lightsaber, pays 1,000 credits for the minor scorch marks we probably coulda buffed out at no cost.

We return to where the temple was under attack… they let us know they need us in one of two places:

In space clearing enemy fighters or on the ground fighting off the ground forces.

We decide to put our new ship to the test and fly into battle

Roll credits, this episode's a cliffhanger!

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