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Veteran assistance required: Should I pit my players against each other?

Content of the article: "Veteran assistance required: Should I pit my players against each other?"

Hello! I’m posting here as it’s my favorite DM sub. I hope it’s not too late that this won’t see action.

I’ve got two players in a 5e Faerun game that are both lovely. One we’ll call Player A is quick with a joke, generally a more relaxed player, and is a life-loving ranger/cleric of Lathander. The other player, Player B, is sharp and rule-abiding, and is an edgy but interesting god-hating warlock/paladin. Player A is along for the ride, having fun and contributing a good amount. Player B is an RP powerhouse, leading gameplay and bringing people along on his personal quests because they’re cool with it! Nothing better to do, yeah?

So the issue: Player B is very shadow oriented, twisting dark powers to his own personal ends. He wants to rescue his family. Player A, the cleric, loves his god and kind of roleplays piety. I frequently send his character dreams about his light god’s displeasure at helping Player B do almost/or straight up evil stuff to get his family back. Player A isn’t super confrontational and pipes up briefly (I think just to make me happy). Player B is pretty aggressive and ignores him.

Last session was really rough. Player B’s decision to sacrifice an enemy on an evil altar (to get info on his lost family) inadvertently killed a new player to the group, causing a shit-storm spiral of events. STILL the whole group has nothing to say to the very confident RP leader Player B.

So far I haven’t done anything to incriminate Player B or turn the party against him, but should I? Should Player A lose his god of light’s blessing and power for being complicit? I’m frustrated story-wise as no other players drive the game except Player B, and I don’t want to take all agency away from my meeker players by forcefully changing the narrative they’ve allowed to unfold. Help, please!

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And before it’s asked, the shitty events sum up like this: Everyone’s in the Shadowfell. Player B transported them there willingly. Next session they will face extremely difficult and treasure-less challenges. I am pretty certain they’ll chalk it up to inevitable storyline stuff and not blame Player B. Why do I want them to blame Player B so badly?!

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