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Wandering World of Wonders: a Circus Idea I want to throw out and interested in any feedback

Content of the article: "Wandering World of Wonders: a Circus Idea I want to throw out and interested in any feedback"

I am a new player who has only been involved in 2 campaigns, a one shot with fast and lose rules, and a camping in progress plagued by scheduling problems.

I was thinking it would be reasonable to set up a premise with lots of facility for people to come and go, take part in an over reaching adventure with lots of seperate modules that can be plugged in and tied together, or not, based on who shows up to any given adventure.

I came up with the idea of a traveling circus, strong men, magicians, half-human and humanoids of all stripes and backgrounds can join the circus.

The circus is a front for a mercenary for hire or maybe a rogue clan of band of thieves (kind of like circuses in Texas? )

and they are always looking for people with skills, and are always approached by townsfolk, or men at arms or lords, or black market players and organized syndicates who ask for favors, or missions of all types, snatch and grabs, sabotage, bringing down rival crime lords or even a hit or dungeon raid for certain items needed by the local university, guildhall or religious organization.

it adds the option of throwing in characters who wouldn't usually participate in a roving band of rogues, like a paladin, or an assassin to join a troupe of bards and rogues to run a sting operation on a smuggling organization.

I figure a main NPC character, the ringleader, who has contacts in the underworlds and high society throughout the realms, some frequent flyer carnies, and BAM you have a widely wandering group of misfits and adventurous who get into mayhem and who can change characters at a whim.

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any feedback ? ideas? is this dumb? I've never DM'ed before, but i think if this gets fleshed out some and a few trial missions and an ever existing world with options for people to pop in and out as able without having to kill characters who chronically no show. The strongman can visit his cousin in the country, the wizard can pop off to study at a local academy of magic and be absent for a mission or two without really breaking flow. and an existing adventure can be put on hold and another one start up concurrently until the group is back.

i guess record keeping would be the most important thing, but we can intersect the stories as well so something that happens with one group can live in the other groups adventure and if someone plays in both they would recognize it as a cool detail.

at some point another group of local heros can come to investigate the wandering world of wonders and the players will need to outsmart them to get away clean and set up shop in another village?

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