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Was it bad metagaming on my side?

Content of the article: "Was it bad metagaming on my side?"

If you know anything about Archmage Zinralei Lorawyn… Feel free to keep reading. No spoilers ahead, just something I wished to consult with reddit hivemind. 😛

Last night my group delved into cave complex, trying to hunt down drow priestess, whose soldiers threatened to TPK the party twice already. First, however, they had to fight their way through giant spiders' nest. I described it as "covered in thick layers of webs. Walls, ceiling, floor… Wherever you look, you can't see rock, only webs". That's when our Kitsune sorceress decided to just smoke the hell out of the whole nest. She set fire to the webs in few places, and the whole party just waited calmly outside, while spiders screeched and burned inside. However, when they went back, they found out that the last part of the nest didn't burn. Webs were different there – much thicker, with strange, dark crystals or rock fragment weaved into them. When they tried to burn them, it wouldn't work at all. When they ventured deeper, they found the Nest's Queen, covered in the same, fire-resistant mineral. Few high rolls on party's side let them know that drow sometimes use strange rituals to transform their biggest spiders in some way – granting them fire resistance, letting them spit acid, making their poison more potent etc. That where we ended the session for the night. The point is, the whole fire-resistant webs idea was something I came up with on the spot. I was fine with them burning their way through most of the spiders (they were there only to waste some of their resources, anyway, and it was quite clever idea I haven't thought about), but I didn't want them to do the same with the Queen, who was supposed to be the mini-boss for that part of the caverns. Was it an ok thing to do? Would you, as the players, feel like I specifically countered your plan right where it would be the most useful? I'm the most worried for the Sorceress – she has exclusively fire spells when it comes to combat, so I'm afraid she'll feel like she can't contribute to the fight in the meaningful way.

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TL:DR – My party set fire to spiders' nest, killing most of them without any effort on their part. I decided that the nest's queen and her webs were fire-resistant, because I didn't want them to cheese their way through one of the minibosses in the dungeon. Was it ok? Would you as players feel that your clever idea was invalidated? It wasn't something I planned earlier, but simply improvised during the session.

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