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Was this reasonable in this circumstance? (DM giving consequences to a player)

Content of the article: "Was this reasonable in this circumstance? (DM giving consequences to a player)"

A while back I asked about a player disrespecting an ancient being and getting off pretty lightly with the punishment (in my opinion). Read the update and a link to the original here: https://www.reddit.com/r/dndnext/comments/hw9e9g/player_disrespected_an_ancient_being_update/

Due to current circumstances I'm wondering if maybe I'm to biased and something I did was unreasonable.

TLDR for other posts: Player basically called an ancient red primordial dragon very rude things and tells him what he needs to do after the dragon agreed to help them very cheaply. They call the dragon a ****face (among other things) and insult him. Basically, just being disrespectful and later going on to say that they have no respect for a being that acts like it’s a god and is really a false god (players impression). XX tries to argue with him about claiming this place as his territory (which the party has no reason to care because it is a mountain summit) that he isn't having. They said sorry afterwards and gave him a rock from home but honestly the dragon doesn't care because they should have more respect for him in his own home after being given his generosity.


XX found out the next day that they were being charged 10x the price at an inn for a room. They declined a room and another player shared a room with XX after sneaking them through the window. XX left in the middle of the night and went to the Dragon Lords place where there were two guards were waiting (to ensure shenanigans weren't pulled) and XX was basically given the "I'll see if he's busy and has time for you treatment". I figured since they were being incredibly rude before that the dragon wouldn't make any special exceptions anymore and they were already talking to someone they deemed far more important (and secretly were practically family). XX had to wait outside for an hour after having a letter sent to lord dragon with two 200 gp gems and a large portion of dragon leather from a recent mission.

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The letter basically said they apologized for there poor and rude behavior and hoped that he would let their family back into these lands.

Important note: XX is the youngest child of a fey lord (I do not recommend ever allowing this) and the fey lords are not allowed to cause trouble on this continent in exchange for a type of treaty. They can come to this place as long as they don't cause trouble like setting up the usual dark fey deals or causing complete chaos. Basically, they can vacation but must follow the laws strictly. That goes for all fey from the Feywild and this is extremely important. XX's father is being overthrown right now and they have been told this. This continent is one of the only places that they can get to that is safe. If you have ever seen John Wick then it is like conducting "business" on continental grounds. Can't do it. XX was told this many times and it was emphasized.

XX was let in after a while and was being meek and like a child being scolded. But I figured the ancient dragon wouldn't care about feelings enough to let bygones be bygones. Especially since they may be dealing with other powerful forces in this world and someone needs to knock them down a peg. They go into the wrong persons castle with their nose stuck up and they may just kill them.

XX was scolded and after a bit of begging, their family was allowed to step foot on these lands but would gain little help from the dragon otherwise (unless he was offered something great). XX's restrictions was also lifted (but to late for their reputation here).

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There was a catch. They still owed the dragon 1000 gp in damages and in exchange for their life their father would owe the dragon a favor if he lives past his overthrowing.


I thought being owed a favor from a fey lord would be great for a dragon of this standing to have. If the fey lord does live then he is still worth something regardless. If not then he can get it from another family member and if they all die then it was a worthy gamble anyways. No scales off his back. Plus, if his child constantly holds themselves as a representative of their father (mentioned several times by the player in some way) then why shouldn't they be held responsible for their extreme rudeness?

Another player disagreed on why the dragon could take a favor though. That's what I'm not sure about. Is it to far to make the player's powerful parent owe this dragon a favor?

I don't see why it shouldn't be. Also, if word got around about this incident (which it definitely did to anyone connected to the dragon to give them a hard time later) then wouldn't they either treat this person as and idiot, not want to hire them, or see them as rude and ignorant at the least? This was a pretty big screw up and I gave plenty of warning (I think). Why shouldn't it follow them around for a while?

Is this wrong?

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