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We are making a D&D application and we would like some assistance from the community. Part 4.

Content of the article: "We are making a D&D application and we would like some assistance from the community. Part 4."

Thank you all for the feedback and help you have provided us as we explained parts of our project.

For this particular post, we would really appreciate as much selfish feedback as possible. We mean no offense in this, but do mean we need feedback based on your personal interests.

Last post, we expanded more details on the character sheet aspect and what we would like to try doing with it.
Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/DMAcademy/comments/ij2d48/we_are_making_a_dd_application_and_we_would_like/

In this post, we would like to gather as much feedback from all of you as possible about what you would personally like for the note-taking aspect.
Generally, the character sheet part is mostly for us to have some fun and try things out. The note taking part however, is something we will be spending the most amount of time on and we truly would like to make something that you all could find interesting and worth using.

The ideas you can provide can be as stupid and far-fetched as you like, as we really are gathering as many opinions and interests as possible from as many places as we can. And quite honestly, we really need the help.

We currently do not have a defined structure or layout planned for the note taking aspect, but we have collected some minor ideas together we randomly thought of.
The list pasted below contains a few of the ideas we wrote down (half the ideas in this list are unfeasible).

– Different kinds of note sections, NPC, Quests etcetc
– A To-Do list – Quest Tracker, with option to order them (maybe categorize)
– Tag based system for searching.
– Session based has been requested, either implement as tag with custom tags, or do something unique with it.
– Card system. Within a note, being able to create a popup (basically new note, but specific note kind)
– Hit list
– Relationship Map, where you connect dots on a backdrop and comment the arrows to identify who is what in the situation.
– Dungeon map note, where you basically can connect notes on a blackboard like relationship map, so you can take notes on each room for orientation and info.
– Spelltracker for NPC sheets. So you can take note of the spells a person has used.
– Game result note. By this I mean, something like a note which is within a bigger note and holds the result of a particular set of games involving cards or dice. Just cool visual to keep track of result.
– For NPC's, way of keeping track of languages you know he knows.
– System for keeping track of the good things NPC has done and bad things (in your character's opinion).

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We will first focus on making a "singleplayer" application, without networking, geared towards the players. We will then be doing a version focused on game masters and ask for feedback once again there, but we still would welcome those kinds of ideas now, as there is a lot of overlap (and we will anyway need it later). The map tool and calendar we will probably focus on doing with the GM version.

We are only 2 students, who have limited D&D experience compared to many of you, and we would really 100% appreciate anything, even what you may consider the most impractical and dysfunctional idea. It will be very difficult to make an application every one likes.
But the more ideas we have, the easier it is for us to design something you all will like.

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