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We are making a D&D application and we would like some assistance from the community.

Content of the article: "We are making a D&D application and we would like some assistance from the community."

TL;DR: We are making a DnD application which encompasses a character sheet system, a specialized note-taking section and some other features (which will be expanded upon at a later time).


Who are we?

We are DnD fans who play on a weekly basis. Beyond our relation with DnD, we are 2 Computing Science students.

What are we doing?

We are making an application which contains an integrated character sheet and a specialized (for DnD) note-taking functionality. We also have some other functionalities in mind, but we are not ready to talk about them as of now.

We plan on making a very interesting and user-friendly interface which combines our preferences (on a UI level), with that of the community (you).

Why are we doing this/ Who are we doing it for?

First and foremost, we are doing it for ourselves. Our main goal is to practice and improve our skills while having fun. After using Roll20, Fantasy Grounds and DnDBeyond for almost 2 years, we have decided that we would like to make our own application.

While Roll20, Fantasy Grounds and DnDBeyond are excellent tools in their own ways, we would like to enhance the note-taking aspect of DnD and combine different aspects of the applications into our own idea.

We are, however, more than happy to offer free usage of the application to everyone.


What kind of app?

We mentioned so far that we are making an app that has a character sheet and a note-taking component to it. On top of these features, we plan on adding some form of networking to allow a DnD campaign to be made together with shared notes, images, and so on.

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We also plan on creating a unique map tool, which we will talk about later. Beyond that, however, we would be happy to hear from you, the community, what kind of features you might be interested in.

Can we make this app?

Yes, we can. We have already made a prototype to test if we had the skills to make this application. While it will take some time before we have a finished product, we will continuously post our progress so that you may observe the development of the application.

What do we use in the creation of our app?

We are making the application using Unity and exporting it to different devices. We plan on eventually making it into a web application.

Current plans?

With regards to the character sheet, we plan on making it more modular. Unlike existing applications, we plan on having the information displayed changeable to the user's preferences.

For the note-taking aspect, we want to develop it with a focus on the kind of information present in DnD. Typically, in a DnD game (from our experience), one takes notes about individuals, locations, items and other categories. We plan on making a specialized note sheet for each category.

For the rest of the features, in order to ensure we have a functional and complete product, they will be expanded upon after the completion of the character sheet and note-taking aspects.

Why are we posting this here?

There are two reasons. The first is that we are unsure of which subreddit to post this on. Please advise us. The second reason is that we would like your feedback throughout this project. We plan on regularly (weekly) posting some of our progress/ideas and would be happy to receive your feedback and opinion.

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We were also considering making a discord server. Do you think we should?

Thank you for reading this far. If you have any suggestions, feedback, opinion, questions or answers, please post them in the comments section or shoot us a PM on Reddit or Discord (HideousBeavers#5780).

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