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We had an online character funeral

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Okay so I wasn't the dm in this situation but I am a dm.

So in this game. My friend who plays in my campaihna nd my friends that also play in that campaign have another campaign that my friend runs. We will name him J. My other friend B was not haply with his character so talked to J about changing and they figured something out.

In this campaign there is a major lycanthropy problem, and for that we are sent on missions by the church of the town to help, B's character was secretly bitten by a wear rat and didn't say anything and that was the night of the full moon.

So B's character turns and starts attacking her in game best friend of many years. We will say this pc is R.

R kills B. Not knowing it was his character, and only finds out when he wear rat transforms into B's character. Then ensued much roleplay with the church and R's character having to get cured for a whopping 40 gold.

After that happened we got the body of B back and from there decided on a funeral. As the character was a tiefling we decided on cremation. And we set off on another quest to get more gold. And on another quest from my patron before the funeral (my warlock is dope tho).

The funeral was awesome. I gave the idea to each get a vial of the ashes and keep them on necklaces so at the beginning we were all given these necklaces. I summoned a blue eldritch flame (but of fluff but dm allowed it) and we used duscord to play some funeral music.

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B's new character was there as they had joined the party and they made a show to roleplay a bit of "I didnt know this person but from what I have heard they were a good person who was taken too soon" and we all said a littke bit. Now this is like 3 sessions in to this campaign so our roleplay meant we bonded very quickly. The group actually got sad irl and it was great. It was an awesome bit of roleplay that made it just so good.

If a character dies commemorate them in a way like this. It brings the group closer together and makes an actual real thing out of character death. It was an awesome moment for our group that will probably go down in history for us.

Just a little idea for dms out there for a way to have a nice roleplay bit in a session for a dead character. Hopefully you don't need too many of them though xD

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