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We taught my grandpa how to play D&D and I’ve never been prouder

Content of the article: "We taught my grandpa how to play D&D and I’ve never been prouder"

Recently, my grandparents had to move out of their house and into a senior living home because my grandma had a stroke and they realized that they both needed extra help. We all took a trip down there (we live on the other side of the country) to help them move, and it was pretty sad because they've lived in that house for longer than I've been alive and it had a lot of great memories in it.

At one point during the process, my uncle found his old D&D books from first edition in the attic. He and my dad used to play D&D a lot, but never showed it to my grandpa (I don't know why). I had also been raised on 1e, since those were the books my dad had owned when I was a kid.

So, when we were done packing up, the three of us sat down with my grandpa and taught him how to play D&D. We were there for a few hours running through a tiny dungeon I made on the spot, and it was just one of the best times I've had in recent memory. My grandpa really didn't get it for a while, and my uncle was basically running his character for him, but then he figured it out and started thinking outside the box.

We had made him a fighter (since it was the simplest class), and up to this point he had basically just smacked whatever was in the room with them and let my dad and uncle deal with roleplay/exploration. In the final room, however, there was a tarantella. It was a thing in 1e, I don't know if it still is now, but basically it was a giant spider that made you literally dance till you drop if it bit you. My grandpa got bit in the first round of the fight because he was right next to it smacking it, and during the other turns in the round I could see him thinking really hard.

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So when it came around to his turn, he reimnded me that I had described the spider's lair as having an extremely low hanging ceiling. He also asked "I'm still dancing next to this thing, right?" I said yes, and then he argued that if his arms are flailing wildly and his sword is still in his hand, he should have a chance of randomly striking the rock ceiling above the spider and crushing it. We all laughed for a bit and then I said sure, but he would need to roll really well. Two seconds later: natural 20, spider crushed.

And that was it. They got the loot, went back to the surface, and we all had a ton of fun. This happened just before quarantine started, so I haven't been able to see him in a few months, but he called me the other day to say that he had a great idea for a chracter if we ever played again, and I have never been happier in my life. I can't wait for quarantine to end so I can go play D&D with my grandpa again.

TL;DR: my uncle, dad, and I taught my grandpa how to play D&D and he really got into it.

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