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Weapon made from blood

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A player and dm are planning to turn the players character into the big bad. The pc is currently a good half orc vengence paladin who has an aversion to weapons and smites with his fists. In a few sessions he is going to beteay the party, poke out his eye and become an oath breaker of Gruumsh (a la Arkhan the Cruel).

The pc is taking a level in blood hunter and we were crafting a homebrew blood curse to take the party by surprise. Feedback needed to balance the blood curse.

Blood Smith Solidify your own blood from open wounds to create hand held objects such as weapons and shields (though it may have other uses such as forming a key to a lock). Use this ability an number of times equal to your intelligence modifier. 30 mins after the weapon is formed it turns back to blood.

Amplify: add a +2 to hit and damage to offensive objects made of blood smith or a +2 AC to defensive objects made of Blood smith.

We imagine he has a spear that he hides in his blood (in honor of Grumsh's weapon) maybe the spear is a freebie that he can form in addition to uses of blood smith. What does reddit think.

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