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Weaponizing mold since the good ol’ 20s

Content of the article: "Weaponizing mold since the good ol’ 20s"

>be me, fletchling GM running Call of Cthulhu

>be not me, private detective, priest, radio host and psychologist

>local drunkards kidnap daughter, Jane, of local company owner and hide in giant forest

>party joins rescue operation as a way to introduce them

>find mutilated body of an artist

>fingertips are coated in green mold-like substance

>psychologist fails science check

>"the mold-like substance appears to be similiar to a mold"


>hear enginge drawing closer

>head out to a small clearing, notice that a road cuts right through forest

>road apparently leads to construction site

>pickup truck heads their way


>stop truck

>interrogate driver

>turns out to be worker at site and he's on his way to bring more dynamite

>detective player notices driver pulling his jacket closer to cover up his chest

>asks driver to step outside

>driver refuses

>priest lunges out of bush to showcase the might of his boomstick

>door can only shield so much buckshot

>driver drops out of car, still standing

>think they will hold him at gunpoint

>driver tries to tackle

>all of the players already in a circle around him

>rule number 1 of fight club

>driver gets one good hit in

>radio host drops driver

>detective elbow drops on his face

>describe how his head bursts open like grape, splattering blue goop

>dude was at 1hp from closerange boomstick

>party in shock

>no sanity lost

>describe that all of the goop not in the shade grows green and rots away in a green mold


>psycholgist takes sample of blue goo

>psychologist and radio host run back to artist

>take samples of green stuff on dude's fingertips

>mixes some green with blue


>all of the blue turns to green mold

>go back to truck

>detective already raiding it

>module briefly mentions that if players ask, truck carries some dynamite

>"What's inside"

>"Some dynamite"

>"How much?"

>oh shit

>"Several bundles, and some crates full of sticks"

>arm themselves with a bundle and 4 sticks each

>what have I done

>while rest of party discusses how to deal with truck and their kill, priest is preparing impromtu burial

>covered body woth dry leaves

>"Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust"

>as he ignites the leaves, I roll some dice

>"You hear a long squeaking"


>heat causes body to bloat an rupture, releasing a cloud of green stuff into the air

>"Ever heard of flour explosions?"

>initiate dex roll

>whole party manages to dive away with minor injuries, heaviest being the priest who was closest to it

>describe how the cloud burst into flames, exploding in a nice fireball

>some embers are carried on the stuff and reach the remaining dynamite

>explosion 2, electric boogaloo

>radio host: "Problem solved?"

>make their way through forest again

>encounter one of kidnappers

>shot through both thighs, almost killed

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>tells them he and his partners where assaulted by another group of weird people in civil war uniforms at night

>Jane isn't with them anymore

>pleads with them to bring him back to town

>too far into the woods to back out now

>patch him up and decide to take him with them, maybe hand him over to another search party on the way

>at night, all suffer from nightmares

>some lose a bit of sanity

>psychologist wakes up first, notices weird hulking shadow with blue glowing eyes behind a tree

>kidnapper wakes up and falls into bout of insanity at sight of shadow

>enter grey zombielike thing with missing arm and green mold growing out of its wound

>whole party is awake

>everyone loses sanity

>psychologists loses enough to have short bout of insanity

>rolls "Amnesia"

<"The last thing you remember is the briefing you got in the townhall about the search. Suddenly, you see this zombie standing before you. To your right, you see the three men you saw at the briefing, each screaming and trying to ready their guns. On your left is a man on the ground, screaming and trying to run away while his limbs are bound like a deranged caterpillar"

>"I… unload my entire clip at the thing in front of me?"

>no mercy

>misses every single shot anyway

>party takes it down

>realize that green stuff on arm is same green stuff from before

>still decide to burn it




>have to roll dex saves


>sound alerts other search group close by on their way back

>they are mentally exhausted due to nightmares and shadows

>agree to take kidnapper with them

>kidnapper refuses

>priest gives him a pocket bible and some jerky

>kidnapper holds it like prized possession

>priest has found first acolyte

>party heads out to way kidnapper pointed his hut being

>find it quickly, but are met with horrible smell

>impaled on a tree, 5 meters up, is the body of another kidnapper

>hear shouting from hut

>shootout with last kidnapper ensues

>convince him they mean no harm

>is insane

>tells them exact story the other one already has explained

>zombies tried taking them away but only managed to get Jane and kill one of them

>players promise to come back and head to where the zombies apparently went

>find abandoned artist camp

>find paintings of their nightmares

>notice marks on the ground

>another kidnapping

>find ancient hut

>looks like deranged slaughterhouse inside

>meathooks, knives and blood everywhere

>civil war uniform on the wall

>player notices faint blue light shining through some of the floor gaps


>"You see a pair of stairs leading to a cellar. At the sairs is a desk with a small book on it. The remaining room is filled with 6 coffins, 2 of them closed and blue light shining from within them"

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>already reaching for gridmap of basement for combat encounter


>am so proud

>priest player runs down, grabs the book and jumps back out while the radio host throws a bundle of dynamite right to the coffins

>all of them dodge out of the hut

>Out of coffin: "Wha-"

>the hut is so old that the explosion completely tears it apart

>they see the zombies turn into the green mold

>read the first page of the book


>first page explains that the zombies were running away from civil war duty and encountered an aspect of a Great Old One (Glaaki) at nearby lake turning them into its servants. After 50 years, they grow weak to sunlight and get eaten by the green mold

>blue goo was adlibbed by me to give an explanation as to what turns them into green mold

>new zombies are filled with blue goo, turns green with age and activates by sun

>great, weakness spotted


>players: "Can we dunk our ammo into the green stuff in the coffins?"




>Coat ALL of their ammo with the stuff

>also find weird metal spike in one coffin

>metallic but hollow and as flexible as rubber

>reach construction site

>diary mentioned that they almost dug up a crystal their god needs for power.

>suspect whole site to be under zombie control

>notice fork in the road

>decide to head for lake first

>find 5 pillars with the kidnapped artists bound to them

>all of them impaled by those spikes

>still alive

>party loses sanity

>one asks to free them

>other artist asks to kill them instead

>mercy kill

>shoot all of them at the same time (priest had sidearm)

>sound alarms two of the newer zombies

>party loads their "blessed" ammo

>detective shoots the first

>describe how the green mold reacts with the blue goo inside gim and turns him to mold almost instantly because they came up with a way to avoid combat

>second zombie turns tail but gets sniped by priest

>another down

>party plans sneak attack

>come to several huts

>one has all of its windows nailed shut

>"We should barge in guns blazing"

>"Hey, we have to find Jane."

>"Then how about some dynamite?"


>Psychologits almost turns into Tarzan, constantly repeating her name everytime the party mentions a risky plan

>running gag spotted

>decide to shortly split up

>only 4 more zombies outside

>quickly taken out

>priest and radio host head for dig site

>psychologist and detective open door to hut

>Jane and others bound and gagged in the main room

>psychologist points at door to a side room

>Jane shakes head

>show gun and point at door

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>shakes head again, panic in eyes

>Psychologist takes out a bundle of dynamite

>everyone in the room confused

>hear footsteps from other room

>detective helps the hostages out while psychologist goes to door

>opens door and throws lit bundle in before shutting it again

>while he jumps out of building, the other two have reached dig site

>priest provides backup, radio host throws another bundle of dynamite at crystal shard

>psychologist and everyone around the hut hear a hissing voice speak in eldritch tongues before they are all pushed away by a transparent barrier with the hut at its center

>have the BBEG, author of the diary and first servant, use one of his spells, a barrier

>fail the roll impressively

>crit fail

>rule it that, while he managed to put up the barrier to protect himself and his partner, he failed to push out the bundle

>have the other zombie try to throw it out

>strength of his throw against strength of barrier

>mage too stronk

>dynamite bounces off inner side of barrier and comically lands in their vicinity

>hut and crystal simultaneously blow up into pieces

>BBEG and other zombie get exposed to sun and die

>lake starts rumbling and glowing blue before a beam of light flies out into the sky

>wrap up session with multiple sanity bonuses for killing all of the zombies

>afterwards, receive message in group chat: "Do we get to keep the rest of the dynamite?"

>mfw my players weaponize mold beacuse I fluffed out some enemies

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