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“Well that complicates this” understates the Paladin

Content of the article: "“Well that complicates this” understates the Paladin"

>Be me, Neutral Good 20 year old Human Celestial Tomelock sworn to the NG God of Innovation (Think Gond in a homebrew setting, but Gond may be a Great Old One after a rebranding campaign)

>Be not me, True Neutral Tiefling Conquest Paladin of Macho Man Randy Savage (The Macho One), Chaotic Good Half Orc Berserker Barbarian/Former member of the Henson Performing Company (No, the Count is not a pain in the neck to work with), Chaotic Good Halfing Scout Rogue (Formerly Halfing Bard, Formerly Fiend Hexblade, Formerly Undead Halfling Bard, All the same character), and Halfling's Chaotic Evil (Later Chaotic Neutral) Glamour Bard Goblin DMPC Girlfriend/Fiancé.

>All level 7

>Travel with ratfolk pirates at the tail end of current quest, and occasionally dive for treasure.

>This dive finds you in a sunken Dragon city from Ancient Times. Find that Merfolk have claimed the area.

>Get introduced to a Gargoctopus, a huge, intelligent psychic Octopus looking to chat.

>Shoot the breeze about current events (He can't get to the surface much, folks apparently freak out when a giant octopus comes ashore asking 'what's up?')

>"Hey, you guys want to see a cool relic?"

>Gargoctopus shows you a gigantic, Dragon sized wizard spell book of white and gold, says it blesses those who are judged as "Righteous and Scholarly" when they attune it. Book belonged to an ancient Primordial Gold dragon of great renown, who you know was slain by her 'Ancient Enemy'

>Barbarian goes first-Fails

>Rogue goes second-Fails

>You, the Warlock, go third. Make an Arcana check…

>You lose attunement to your Staff of the Python, you gain +2 to Int, +1 to AC, become fluent in Draconic and Celestial, become resistant to Necrotic damage, learn Firebolt (Cast with Int), gain a once/long rest cast of Banishment, and DM says to roll a D6…

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>Roll a 5, DM mentions a 6 would have been better for you, but this is still pretty good

>your skin turns a gold hue and you gain an additional +1 to AC

>While this happens you have visions of the God of Magic, the Dragon God of Life, the Dragon god of Death and finally the Primordial Gold Dragon, the Wise One, who wishes you to use this gift well before your mind returns to your body.

>Jump forward about a month later (In game)

>An Orc Champion Fighter has joined the party (With his magic Katana that does lightning spells)

>Goblin NPC is now also hosting the soul of an ancient Yuan-Ti cleric of the True Neutral World Serpant, thanks to a ring you found while at sea. She has snake attributes now, but can cast 7th level Cleric spells (Heal will save your ass in a future encounter)

>Be in the big city-state of Wizards and Magic users. You've just left a meeting with the Drow 'High Elf' Grand Magi who rules the city. In addition to tasking you with gaining a willingly given Green Dragon Egg from a nearby Ancient Green Dragoness (Who helps sink the aforementioned city) in exchange for her help, she accuses you of lying to her, saying you are working with the person who knows the most about the MacGuffian of the campaign…the supposedly long dead Primordial Gold Dragon. The only thing that calms her down is allowing her to use Detect Thoughts on you, after which she calls you and her High Priestess of the Moon Goddess sister (Who you work for) idiots.

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>you and your friends return to the Inn to prepare for travel. You lean back in your chair as you try and think of what you know about this 'Ancient Enemy' of the Gold Dragon (History check)

>You pass out for a few seconds, spooking the team, as you have a very vivid vision of a massive ancient Red Dragon, the Merciless One. you explain to the others you aren't sure if the Gold is sending a message or if you just are getting information from the Relic (Which may be interacting with your own Tome)

>Skip forward a few weeks. Your group is in the jungle, hunting down the traitorous son of the surprisingly motherly Ancient Green, the Clever One, in exchange for an Egg. You are discussing strategy for the battle ahead.

>Halfing Rogue asks you, apropos of nothing, what you know of the Merciless One/Ancient Red

>You think on it for a moment, IE you go to your Discord Room with the DM and ask if that earlier 19 got you any more information than just a vision and a name

>You and the DM have a bit of back and forth, her because she wants to know what precisely you want to know, you because you're kind of caught off guard yourself. you settle on "Her territory, her habits, if she's been in the news lately, etc"

>The Merciless one is regarded as a force of nature, with a fickle mood and only rising every once in a long while to destroy things and show the world why she aught not be fucked with…Roll a D100

>You roll a 56

>You suddenly have a vision, flying over the northern section of the continent's western-most mountain range.

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>You see the Merciless One. She's a fucking huge bitch, big enough the kobolds cleaning her are like bugs in comparison.

>Her eyes open, her head raises quick enough to throw off some kobolds (Who probably die from fall damage now that you think of it)

>You look at the Merciless One…

>…The Merciless One looks at you…

>…Just as the vision ends, you returning to your body in the forest/jungle, scared shitless

>You aren't even level 8 yet for fucks sake!

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