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What are the best ways to make dnd more fun for DMs?

Content of the article: "What are the best ways to make dnd more fun for DMs?"

DMs easily expend as much (often more) effort as the other players combined but I find it rare to see posts on how to make DnD more fun for DMs. The thing is that an unhappy DM quickly leads to a burnt out DM which leads to a crappy game or no game at all before long.

I think that the best way to have fun as a DM is to find out what kind of game you enjoy and find players that match your wavelength. You don't need to feel guilty about this – there are thousands of different kinds of games out there online that can suit every kind of player. You don't need to satisfy every player.

I know the feeling of wanting to run a game for your close friends or family as otherwise there will not be any dnd at all. However, oftentimes for me, those games end up feeling like the biggest chore as you prioritise their happiness over yours. It might be worth considering a one shot or a completely different game instead.

If you are a DM who loves to theatrically act out your npcs in a crazy way with funny voices (Matt Mercer style), you will get burnt out when your players who want a combat simulator interrupt your evil monologue not even 10 seconds in and roll initiative.

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If you are a DM who doesn't like a menagerie of various beasts and elementals as the party as it breaks your setting and immersion then limit the races to whichever you feel is appropriate.

If you want to play a Game of Thrones style political intrigue and someone rolls up a barbarian with no family and backstory, tell that player this game is not for them and you won't find yourself burnt out dealing with murder hoboing and a bored player.

Always explain your reasons but don't feel like you have to compromise on the things that are important to your fun. Remember that if you don't look out for your fun then a lot of the time no one else will.

TLDR DMs what ways have you found to make the game more enjoyable for yourself? Players how do you make the game more enjoyable for DMs?

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