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What are the Gods doing, and other issues for big campaign tie ups.

Content of the article: "What are the Gods doing, and other issues for big campaign tie ups."

Slowly but steadily, our 4 year campaign is climaxing, and with that in mind, I'm starting to think how I can takle the final climactic fight.

Maybe having bit off more than I could chew, back in the beginning of the campaign, I promised what the last part of the story would come to: an all out war with the highest stakes possible.

Bad Omen, if by an chance you are on this subreddit, stop reading here or ruin your experience by getting spoiled.

I don't think the details of my specific campaign are important, but what you should know is that on one hand we have Orcus who has gathered enough power to become emperor of the Abyss, and of course we have Asmodeus, who will probably rule the world if Orcus is defeated and out of the way. Those two, the players know about and have had run-ins with.

What about the rest of the Gods? In the end, a gigantic battle will unfoil, in which Orcus and his demons, along with the mortals that are on their side, will siege the last bastion of all that is good in the world, a large wizard academy. Of course, the players will be pivotal in this, but I can't help but think: what are the rest of the Gods doing?

It's already established that Orcus gathered all the power that he did sneakily, and the other dirties failed to stop it. What are they going to do now. What is in their abilities to do to stop him, or how would they each help the mortals with this threat?

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One very important detail: the actual BBEG of the story is the Dark Magician, who is working for Orcus and will tear through reality itself to allow Orcus to come and siege the mortal realm. Of course, this could mean that the final battle should be about stopping him from even doing that, but as I see it, this is just stalling. Orcus would still be immensely powerful, and he wouldnt have lost, only thwarted momentsrily. What I would like is to have him lose his power again… Sadly, if he loses, there's just no way -as I see it- for Asmodeus to not gain the upper hand and win against his enemies. If nothing happens, basically the players will just make a choice between Lawful and Chaotic evil…that can't cap a four year campaign, I need more.

Here comes the plot twist: it turns out both sides have been influenced by the void. It's what gave the dark magician his immense powers, what made Asmodeus fall and what allowed Orcus to best the the other Demon Lords. So I'll probably have to figure out a way to have the players do something about that.

The big issue I have still stands. What are the Gods doing right now? Who will help, who will stand by, who will be an enemy… And most important how? Any tips are welcome, books you've read that tackle this issue, or anything that could be an inspiration. Thanks for reading this far!

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