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What are you favorite “additional rule systems” That you like to put in your campaigns?

Content of the article: "What are you favorite “additional rule systems” That you like to put in your campaigns?"

I dont mean individual house rules but instead systems put in place to cover areas of play that aren't exactly covered by the core rules or additional official releases.

For example: 1. Ship combat system 2. Dueling system 3. Magical item creation system 4. Wilderness travel system 5. Pet/companion raising system

I know some of these do have official systems in place, but that doesn't mean they're the best options for all tables or even good at all in some cases.

This post was sparked after I came across a homebrew system for dueling that, while simple, allowed for me to incorporate an entire progression system for a player who's character was all about the idea of dueling through the lands to gain prestige for their family. With the normal systems in place there was no clear and easy way to go about dueling someone or progressing and gaining prestige and ranks as a duelist outside of challenging them to actual combat. It was kind of open ended and they felt lost and because the official rules didn't do much for me, I was lost as to how to go about it. I could do the normal combat thing but it would often be difficult to balance around ability useage of a single character, take too much time, and leave little room for growth "as a duelist" and instead relies on growth as a character (i.e. getting stronger as a duelist would rely directly on leveling up and seeking out duels specifically had no impact that killing monsters or completing quests wouldn't have).

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This one single system, when I presented it to my player added something that I couldn't be happier to see as a DM. It added a pure "I cant wait to go out in the game world and utilize this for my characters RP growth". They have something in the world that they can have direct control over with their character growth and they are more excited them I've seen them in multiple campaigns and it made me wonder what else is out there to be found like this. I struggled to find more stuff like this as all I could get were specific homebrew rules people add like "take a potion as a bonus action". Those are great and all but they don't really encapsulate the same idea. Sysyems that can be sought out or utilized by PCs as something they can seek the use of in game as an outlet for character growth that isn't already covered (or is covered but you've seen something better).

So im curious! What are systems or rules that you have come across that have done similar for your campaigns!?

For those interested in the dueling rules mentioned above, I got them from a paid Patreon so I don't think I should go sharing the rules around out of respect for the creator, but his Patreon name is "Limithron".

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