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What Do YOU Need to Become a Better GM?

Content of the article: "What Do YOU Need to Become a Better GM?"

There are a lot of people getting into D&D lately, and I've noticed the ratio of players to GMs is a bit off.

Now I've been GMing for about 13 years now, and have run a number of successful campaigns, from Shadowrun to Pathfinder to 5e. Currently I'm running a 5th edition West Marches game with about 18-20 players that's at the 1.5 year mark about. I make all of my own adventures, design many bosses, and make plenty of magic items. I've even recently finished designing an Alchemist class for 5e (archetypes WIP).

Now is where I admit that I'm looking at potentially offering a patreon service for new GMs. My target audience being anyone with a few dollars of disposable income and a desire to improve. Hopefully though I'd be able to release some free guides or documents too so everyone can benefit.

So I have something to offer, the question is, what do you need? I can't make a poll, so we'll hopefully have a discussion here.

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Some things I've considered:

  1. Modular Adventures. Small arcs between 3-6 adventures long that can be slotted into a greater campaign such as West Marches or a persistent game. These would likely come with adaptation tips and suggestions to easily blend them with your game/setting.
  2. Setting Documents. Similarly to adventures, these let you pick and choose elements you find appealing to your world while saving you time and brain pain.
  3. Homebrew X. Magic Items, Bosses, Boons, Encounters, NPCs, all of it. Slot them in wherever you want.
  4. Guides & Infographics. I feel as though guides have less value, but could come as a great addition to other content. For example a guide on balancing your dice math, creating narratives, and world building. Basically tips to help work content into your game, whether its mine, someone else's, or your own.
  5. Games for GMs. It'd be a pretty big jump in price, but the thought is to make short adventures for patrons that they can run through and then use for their own tables. Patrons would have to make characters though, and this model could easily become unsustainable if demand grows beyond 4-5 parties.
  6. Discussions. Definitely not a main selling point, but I'd love to help people with their own adventures and stuff. Set up a discord server, do polls for content, and establish a community of mutual aid. This is basically what we already do here.
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The main advantage of materials presented like this, imo, is that you keep the time savings and quality of a module like LMoP or CoS, but eliminate many of the downsides. For example the reading tax is lighter, and its easier to cut out or add elements you prefer.

tl;dr what's missing from your GM life.

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