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What do you think of my ancient history?

Content of the article: "What do you think of my ancient history?"

In my first homebrew setting I've done a lot of worldbuilding on both the very beginning and present of my setting's history, but until now the in-between was left completely blank, and I felt like I needed to include at least a vague idea of what was going on. So, here goes. I'm hoping people could offer critique on any bits that don;t make sense or could be explored more.

Basically, all life in the setting started off in the water. Aboleths were the only intelligent species that they were aware of and genetically engineered all sorts of life to serve as slaves to do the heavy lifting. These included extremely primitive ancestors of all the common races and other life. Their two most useful creations though were the giants and dragons, whose sheer power allowed them to build massive civilizations. After an extremely long time, they also encountered another sentient species from the deepest recesses of the ocean: the Kuo Toa. The Aboleths tried to enslave them as well, but in the attempt discovered that they were far too powerful psionically, possessing a hive mind that amplified their influence over reality when in groups. Terrified of the threat they posed, the Aboleths sealed them away so they'd never be able to escape.

Thousands of years later, something allowed a few of the Aboleth's slaves to break free and they eventually started a successful rebellion, which destroyed the Aboleths (To the knowledge of the victors at least. A few are still out there). With their captors dead, the giants and dragons started constructing their own cultures and cities, both in the water and on the surface. Over the years, the two groups inevitably came into conflict. Their war was long-lasting and the devastating effects of their battles made it hard for the smaller races to organize outside of scattered groups. The giants are renowned for their artifice and primarily have an advantage from their industry while the dragons have the edge in magical affinity and mobility.

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Time skip again to a point somewhere in the later half of the war, and both sides start suffering attacks from a new threat from the sea. The Kuo Toa are back, but neither side knows what they're really capable of since they had no knowledge of them. They start out with probing attacks, so both sides assume it's not a huge threat. Over the years, they start to learn the weaknesses of each side and it escalates into a 3-way free-for-all, with the giants and dragons starting to lose.

Starting to see their mistake, the two sides call a truce and ally against the new opponent. After a long and bloody campaign, the alliance manages to defeat the Kuo Toa by cutting off their hive mind somehow. I haven't come up with exactly how they pulled it off, but in the process the giants were driven to near extinction. After both their former enemies were brought low, the dragons collapsed into infighting over whether they should wipe out the giants for good or spare them for their heroic deeds and sacrifice. They split off into two main cultures, which would become the warlike and territorial chromatics and scholarly, reclusive metallics (more complex than that obviously but this is getting long).

With the two superpowers gone, the smaller races were finally able to have their time in the spotlight, and we've arrived at about 1000 years before the present, so that's not really the history i want to cover here.

So, what do you think? Any glaring logical holes that need to be patched up, suggestions to be made, etc?

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