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What experiments were ancient wizards performing with a near-infinite power source!

Content of the article: "What experiments were ancient wizards performing with a near-infinite power source!"

Here's the events.

  1. Wizard A: I believe divinity infuses all things, and can build a machine that draws and concentrates it a device that will let us leverage that power for good!
  2. Wizard City: Here's money, do it!
  3. Wizard A: Oh no, my machine doesn't work!
  4. Wizard B: But sir, your math is just a bit wrong! You've built a machine that can siphon divine power, not from nature, but from a single entity! But we can still use that power in our experiments!
  5. Wizard City: We like that one better. We have captured a minor god. Plug him into your machine and we will build the greatest magocracy ever. We will call it The Divinity Engine.
  6. Wizard A: Oh noooo! I don't want my creation used for evil!
  7. Wizard City: We don't care. You're exiled. Wizard B, you're in charge!
  8. Wizard B: Awesome! I can reproduce this at other places too!
  9. Wizard City: Yay, we are instoppable!
  10. *Actual Apocalypse happens, many gods die*
  11. Remaining Gods: You guys suck, but we have these apocalypse demons we need to trap and your divinity engine is the best thing we have left. All power from the Divinity Engines will be directed to keeping these things entombed in a secure place at the bottom of your cities. We will now bury your cities and no one will ever find them.
  12. French accent: *800 years later…*
  13. Players discover weird buried magic city with basically science and electricity. The power flickers occasionally and it seems to be because whatever powers this city is directing all its power to some mysterious thing below. (The flickering is the demon straining against his cell, he'll never escape, but it causes the engine to divert a little more power, thus brownouts in the city occur). The players find something AMAZING that will boost their power, but first they have to redirect the power away from this mystery thing at the bottom.
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Ok so… That's what I have. That's… it.

I do know that the engine itself is this awesome enormous (can't see top or bottom) cylindrical room lined with mirrors with an ever spinning wave of energy, and the control room is at the center. The room is hollow with two opposing bridges leading to the control room suspended in the center of the cylinder. So it looks like this.


And if you're standing on an exposed part of a bridge (it has crenellations for… reasons?), when the wave passes, it's basically instant death. Obviously there's gonna be a combat there. I'm thinking each bridge gets hit on either initiative 20 for the north/west side, and initiative 10 on the south/east side.

I think things are living in this city? Rampant magical experiments? Or underdark denizens pushed up? I don't know. Something. I want there to be "zones" and this place to have become overgrown with shit over time, but…. That's all I have. Ideas.

What experiments are they doing with divine power (I literally only have "crystal lamps everywhere" so far). What things moved in? what happened to Wizard A? How can I exploit this idea to maximally fuck with my players?

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