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What Has Your Experience With CFV Expanded Spell Lists Been Like?

Content of the article: "What Has Your Experience With CFV Expanded Spell Lists Been Like?"

In the Class Feature Variants UA, all classes with access to magic were given expansions to their spell list. Some additions were well received, some were controversial, and others were shocking in that many assumed those spells to already have been available to certain classes. For reference, I’ll list them out alphabetically by level with the class(es) gaining them in parentheses.


Acid Splash (Druid)

Primal Savagery (Sorcerer)

1st Level

Cause Fear (Bard, Cleric)

Ceremony (Druid)

Color Spray (Bard)

Command (Bard)

Entangle (Ranger)

Grease (Sorcerer)

Protection From Evil And Good (Druid, Sorcerer)

Searing Smite (Ranger)

Thunderwave (Warlock)

Wrathful Smite (Cleric)

2nd Level

Aid (Bard, Ranger)

Augury (Druid, Wizard)

Branding Smite (Cleric)

Continual Flame (Druid)

Enhance Ability (Ranger, Wizard)

Enlarge/Reduce (Bard/Druid)

Flame Blade (Sorcerer)

Flaming Sphere (Sorcerer)

Gentle Repose (Paladin)

Gust of Wind (Ranger)

Knock (Warlock)

Magic Weapon (Ranger)

Mind Spike (Bard)

Mirror Image (Bard)

Prayer of Healing (Paladin)

Warding Bond (Paladin, Ranger)

3rd Level

Animate Dead (Warlock)

Aura of Vitality (Cleric, Druid)

Blinding Smite (Ranger)

Elemental Weapon (Druid)

Life Transference (Paladin, Warlock)

Mass Healing Word (Bard)

Meld Into Stone (Ranger)

Revivify (Druid, Ranger)

Slow (Bard)

Speak With Dead (Wizard)

Spirit Guardians (Paladin)

Thunder Step (Druid)

Tiny Servant (Bard)

Tongues (Ranger)

Vampiric Touch (Sorcerer)

Wall of Sand (Druid)

4th Level

Aura of Life (Cleric)

Aura of Purity (Cleric)

Death Ward (Ranger)

Divination (Druid, Wizard)

Dominate Beast (Ranger)

Fire Shield (Druid, Sorcerer)

Phantasmal Killer (Bard)

5th Level

Awaken (Ranger)

Cone of Cold (Druid)

Contact Other Plane (Bard)

Dawn (Druid, Paladin)

Flame Strike (Paladin)

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Greater Restoration (Ranger)

Immolation (Druid)

Mislead (Warlock)

Modify Memory (Warlock)

Planar Binding (Warlock)

Rary’s Telepathic Bond (Bard)

Skill Empowerment (Cleric)

Wall of Light (Cleric)

6th Level

Create Homunculus (Warlock)

Flesh to Stone (Druid, Sorcerer)

Heroes’ Feast (Bard)

Magic Jar (Warlock)

Mental Prison (Bard)

Scatter (Bard)

Tenser’s Transformation (Bard)

7th Level

Power Word Pain (Bard)

Prismatic Spray (Bard)

Project Image (Warlock)

Symbol (Druid)

8th Level

Abi-Dalzim’s Horrid Wilting (Warlock)

Antipathy/Sympathy (Bard)

Demiplane (Sorcerer)

Incendiary Cloud (Druid)

Maze (Bard)

9th Level

Foresight (Sorcerer)

Gate (Warlock)

Mass Polymorph (Druid)

Power Word Heal (Cleric, Druid)

Prismatic Wall (Bard)

Shapechange (Warlock)

Weird (Warlock)

For players and DMs who’ve used these expanded spell lists:

  • How much easier was it to make certain builds with the spells available through the UA?

  • Did it free up bards by a considerable amount regarding their Magical Secrets selections?

  • Did certain spells being available to certain classes cause any issues (e.g. balance or stepping on toes)?

  • Any spells you think should be added to classes that don’t have them?

  • Any thoughts on the noticeable overlap here between druids and sorcerers?

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