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What Has Your Experience With CFV Fighting Styles Been Like?

Content of the article: "What Has Your Experience With CFV Fighting Styles Been Like?"

The Class Feature Variants UA offered seven new fighting styles as well as Martial Versatility, the option to change fighting styles on a level up. Three of these options were each exclusive to one class, but the other four were available to Fighters, Paladins and Rangers.

Superior Technique (Fighter only) allows for the fighter to learn a single maneuver from the Battlemaster subclass and gain a d6 superiority die to use it on once per rest.

Blessed Warrior (Paladin only) let’s paladins learn any two cantrips from the cleric spell list.

Druidic Warrior (Ranger only) let’s rangers pick any two cantrips from the druid spell list.

Blind Fighting removes disadvantage if you can’t see someone provided they aren’t hiding.

Interception let’s you reduce damage from an attack against a creature within 5 feet of you by 1d10+ proficiency as a reaction. It requires a shield, a simple weapon, or a martial weapon.

Thrown Weapon Fighting gives you a +1 bonus to damage rolls when you hit with a ranged attack using a thrown weapon and let’s you draw weapons with the Thrown property as part of the attack action.

Unarmed Fighting let’s you deal 1d6 (or 1d8 if both hands are free)+ Strength modifier in bludgeoning damage with unarmed strikes. You also deal 1d4 when successfully grappling a creature and whenever you hit the grapple target with a melee attack.

For players and DMs who’ve used these:

  • How well does Superior Technique synergize with Battlemaster?

  • How well does it synergize with other fighter subclasses?

  • What cantrips do you usually pick with Blessed Warrior and Druidic Warrior?

  • How useful is Blind Fighting outside of playing a viable blind character?

  • How has Interception faired compared to Protection?

  • Is the bonus from Thrown Weapon fighting enough to be worth it?

  • How does Unarmed Fighting compared to Martial Arts?

  • Are there any other subclass options you’d like to see in the future?

  • Would you allow any of these options on a Swords Bard?

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