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What incentive to give fighter to actually fight/help rogue out to get sneak attack?

Content of the article: "What incentive to give fighter to actually fight/help rogue out to get sneak attack?"

I DM for a bunch of teenagers at work (I've posted about that here before) and it's still going really well (they've now all come up with pretty detailed backstories and gotten further engaged through that). My only problem is our fighter — despite having chosen this and to go the melee route herself, she refuses to actually engage any enemies. She continues to hide behind the squishy casters, occasionally firing a bow despite having gone Dueling fighting style and being decked out in armor. When asked about it, she says she doesn't want her character to die and if she gets close, the enemy might attack her back — despite the fact that enemies may still do that if she fires a bow. It wasn't until she got quite a bit of flack from the party after she hid behind the ranger last session that she actually moved into melee and did land the killing blow.

In theory, this wouldn't be that huge of a problem. Unfortunately, that leaves us with the rogue being the only melee character and her struggling a lot to get sneak attack due to the only viable ally not engaging anyone in melee.

Of course, it's all a matter of everyone still learning the rules and how to work as a team. Still, I'm trying to come up with ways to make the fighter a little more willing to move into melee and help the rogue find ways to get sneak attack regardless of that.

My current ideas are to let the party find some super-cool-but-not-op magic melee weapon that's simply too badass to not use. As for the rogue, I'll sit down with her and remind her of the options of letting her familiar help her (she's an Arcane Trickster) to get advantage and also talk with the cleric to suggest options like blindness or hold person to allow the rogue to get sneak attack (the rogue and cleric are best friends ooc so I see that working well). Is there anything else I'm missing that might be helpful for those two?

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