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What is up with armour weight and a few other questions.

Content of the article: "What is up with armour weight and a few other questions."

Sorry in advance for the long waffling post, but I kinda want to say what brought this on. To put it in bullet points though if you can't be bothered to read my ramblings. And yes I am aware the real answer is because it is a game and it doesn't have to make sense. But still I just find it funny that armour weighs way way more than everything else.

  • What is up with the crazy high weight of armour in 5e.
  • Why is chain mail heavy armour yet scale mail is medium.
  • How come some medium armours weigh more than some heavy armours.
  • Why does scail mail for a 2' Kobold weigh as much as the same armour for a 8' Goliath.
  • Why doesn't Mithral reduce weight despite saying it is light.
  • And finally why is Mithral magical but Adamantine isn't.

So can someone please tell me what is up with the armour weight in 5e. This happened when I wanted to build a Kobold Artificer that while very smart was also a bit of an airhead/absent minded. Now one of the main traits about them is they would use very simple logic to justify their strange actions, one of said actions was they liked to climb on things.

It was then that I came to realize that my 2' 6" and 30lb Kobold was carrying 138lb of stuff, and a significant amount of that was the 45lb scale mail. This put me on a quest to look at other armours. And while some were fine like Plate Mail since it is a little to heavy I would say about 10lb, but that is fine. Then I came across chain mail, and maybe it is just me but why is it heavy armour?

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Then I looked at scale mail and that seems more fitting of being called heavy armour than chain mail. Now I will admit I don't know exactly how much chain mail weighs but from what I can tell it would weigh somewhere between 20 and 30lb not the 55lb that it does in 5e. I would also think scale mail with it's overlapping metal plates would fit better as heavy armour more since that is basically a metal coating on top of everything.

This then occurred to me why is it that the scale mail my Kobold wears somehow weighs as much as the scale mail a 8 foot Goliath would wear? The obvious answer is simply that 5e doesn't have rules for changing the weight of things depending on the size of the creature but I still find it funny that my Kobold quite literally gets gets 2 and a half times heavier from just their armour.

This also led me down the rabbit hole of Mithral armour and how despite literally saying it is a light and flexible metal for some reason Mithral doesn't reduce armour weight at all. Also on that note why is Mithral magically but Adamantine isn't?

Thank you for dealing with my waffling and long winded post if you made it this far. And I hope you have a nice day.

Also as an after thing what does full plate armour consist of in D&D. Since IRL and correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't full plate worn with chain mail under it to protect the joints and then padded gambeson under that to prevent chafing?

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