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What kinds of downtime activities do your players have? Or: what’s your gwent?

Content of the article: "What kinds of downtime activities do your players have? Or: what’s your gwent?"

Relatively new DM here, I started to implement the game liar's dice (I know it from red dead redemption 1) into my campaign as an excuse for an npc pickpocket to know where my players house their purses and my players really loved it so now almost every session contains a game of liars dice and it became some kind of unspoken rule that, if the setting is right and a player has a hard time concentrating he proclaims to want to play the game so there's a short break while staying in game.

Do you have any similar ideas or experiences?

Rules of the game for those who don't know it.

You need at least 3 players.

Every player gets 5 d6 which he rolls without showing the other players what he rolled.

The first player proclaims the number of dice with a certain number of eyes he thinks were rolled in total so for example "4 dice with 5 eyes"

The next player then has three options

1 he outbids the player by either more dice or a higher number of eyes, so either "5 dice with one eye" or "4 dice with 6 eyes" on that case it's the next players turn

2 he calls out a bluff: of he thinks the other player is wrong he just calls out bluff, everyone shows their dice. If there are enough dice for the opponents claim, the player calling out the bluff loses one d6, if there are not enough dice, the player making the claim loses said d6. The player who lost the die starts the next round

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3 if he thinks the proclaimed number is exactly correct he calls a "spot on", everyone shows their dice and if its exactly the proclaimed number, everyone except the player who declared "spot on" loses a die (even the player who proclaimed the number). If its not exactly correct, the player proclaiming the "spot on" loses a die.

The last player to have dice is the winner. I hope I corks explain it well enough, since it's quite an enjoyable downtime from slaying dragons imo, I'd be happy for some feedback

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