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What makes warlocks fun? honest question

Content of the article: "What makes warlocks fun? honest question"

First of all, I really like theory crafting new characters. Even when there's no need for a new one, I usually have 4 or 5 baking any way. I'm usually drawn towards spellcasters, simply because of the flexibility they provide. The way they reward creative thinking with the use of social/none-combat spells, just really speaks to me. So naturally I end up with a lot of wizards and sorcerers.

However one day I decided to challenge my self, I wanted to see if I could make a set of martial characters that had the same flexibility as my usual casters. So I made a battlemaster fighter, and a bow centered artificer (all spells are tipped arrows <3).

But then it hit me, I've always heard from more experienced players how Warlocks are supposed to be "the most flexible class in all of dnd", so I just had to make one.

Now here's where I'm running into some issues, I'm sure you've guessed it, the limited spell slots. You only get 2 (for the most part)? Yea I get that you regain them at a short rest, and they are always "max level (up to a maximum of 5)", but only 2? I don't know about the general case, but our dungeons can last upwards of 3 sessions, and with no resting inside dungeons, that's 2 spells to spread out over 3 4h sessions. Since that seemed a bit to limiting, I decided that spells must not be the main mechanic of the warlock, I must treat warlocks like a psudo caster. So I started looking into my alternatives, I could either go hexblade and equip a martial weapon, or dump all of my class features into eldritch blast.

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So I started looking into hexblade; you get multi attack x1, you get holy smite, and that's about it untill 14th level? And you're kind of pinholed into picking a specific set of invocations, otherwise you don't get either of those class features?

So I looked into becoming an eldritch blast main. That gave me a couple of alternatives, I could either get a slightly less bad familiar, but they still can't attack (unless I don't attack), so that's kinda off the table. Then the only thing that remained was to pick the tome, which means I get to learn more spells, and learn to cast them as rituals, which would kinda circumvent the whole "only 2 spells per 12h of playing" thing. However now I'm locked into picking eldritch blast and tome invocations. So I'm pinholed even worse. And on top of that, if I do find a balance that I like, I'm only going to be casting a cantrip every turn? Yea I get it, I deals a lot of damage, and it can move opponents around a bit. But that's the same with the barbarian, and I thought warlocks were supposed to be one of the most flexible classes? I just end up feeling like I'm picking between bad versions of the rest of the cast. Am I missing something? Or is warlock just maybe not for me?

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