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What to do as high level Wizard while being overshadowed by everyone else?

I joined a campaign part-way through and have gotten my Rock Gnome Wizard from level 8 to level 15. I was having fun at first, but the rest of the party almost refuses to go and do the actual story, to the point where I could only set us up with a plan to do the plot once they couldn't think of any other side adventures to go on.

Regardless of my gripes with the party, the DM often has us fight a few very high CR enemies, since he jacks the party up with OP magic items and extra DMPCs. Except me.

In the last session I realized I am now, by far, the weakest member of the party. The primary issue is that, since we fight almost exclusively very high CR enemies, they have incredibly high bonuses to saving throws and legendary resistance. So, what happens is I try to use a cool high level spell like Reality Break. If, by some miracle, the enemy doesn't succeed the saving throw (and I'm convinced the DM has, at some point, fudged nat 20 saving throws) they use legendary resistance if the spell is relatively high level, usually 5+.

Oh well at least I'm burning legendary resistance, right? No. Only one other person in the party frequently uses spells with saving throws, but not once has a legendary resistance been used on their spells. Also, they have a feature that let's them maximize the damage of their spells, meaning they always deal more damage than me if I manage to trigger an effect from a spell. Everyone else is a martial character.

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Well, if I hit, do I deal lots of damage? Nope. Every other party member does more damage than I do on account of either magic items or the other player being able to maximize damage. For example, in the latest combat, we're fighting three demi-god brothers. One is dead, the other is dying, and the third is fighting the party. I've used every high level spell slot I have at this point except for a 7th level which I'm reserving for a Teleport. The only damage I have dealt the entire combat was about 2d8+6 damage from one Bigby's Hand grasp, and then I got hit and lost concentration.

For the first time in many rounds, I finally deal damage! I upcast Scorching Ray to 4th level and deal a whole 13 damage! The turn after mine, the monk deals 98 damage. Then does it again next turn. And did it before on his last turn. Meanwhile, I did nothing of value and continue to do nothing of value.

What do I do? Combat is anti-fun, as I know everything I do is completely fucking pointless and overshadowed by everyone else. I don't have any backstory connection to the campaign and the campaign itself is uninteresting. Do I just drop it? I talked about this with everyone, expressing how I felt useless, and the DM just said, "Yeah, I know that feeling. Anyway, Monk's turn!"

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