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What to do when another player dislikes what another player does in combat? (and some other questions)

This is mostly tactical and nothing too crazy, but I'm not sure whether I should say 'no, please don't do that,' as a DM when these situations come up.

For some background, the party is approaching a besieged settlement. Just imagine countless pitched tents around this walled settlements with trees that are very obviously tree blights roaming around, acting as siege monsters while crazy, tree-god-worshipping mountain people wielding axes and nature power roam in the literal **thousands.** Id given the party proper warning as well, so they knew what was up.

Well, one of them decides to charge into the war camp. I sprung a tree blight, as well as a lot of twig blights, warriors, etc, on them. The party played it fairly well, and kept thinning out the waves of combatants. Finishing up the encounter, I plan to let them have their escape today (It's a long combat, the party charging into a camp and all. It's a lot of enemies.) I plan to have them harassed for quite sometime by patrols, so approaching the besieged settlement in the future, even stealthily, will be very difficult.

At any rate, onto the kicker: during the combat, the enemies were piling up. One of our players decides to cast fire ball on a group of enemies. One of the players was in the fireball radius and took a great dislike to it. There's a fat chance a PC can die here. Infact, the party is going to lose its direwolf pet because of their bad decision (I mean, admittedly one PC instigated this whole thing, but anyway…)

My questions:

1: Enough punishment for the one PC rushing into a war camp and alerting the whole damn army? The players are losing their pet. They hate it, but there cannot be actions without consequences. The damnable pet will return as a twig blight direwolf monstrosity for the PCs to fight. That oughta make them think twice. But again: too much? lmk.

2: Regarding the fireball thing: is there any point where I should just say as a DM, "No, please don't do that. Your friend will be right in the fire and theres a chance he can die because of the damage. I do not think it's particularly fair to him." The PC had good dex, but failed his saving throw anyway; not to mention he was audibly disgruntled by his party member's decision to include him in the blast. The spellcasting PC in question had a considerable save dc of 16. Note, **the PCs are level 5 at this point.**

3: Would it be fair to have them harassed by a lot of patrols? I don't want them to breathe after this, to be honest. I gave them every opportunity to try to find a way to get into the besieged city, perhaps sneakily even. One of the PCs had invisibility and could have easily tried to find some way in herself and report back to the party.

4: Last question. Should I just say no to PCs who want to do crazy stuff like this that may derail a session? I mean, honestly the party had just gotten out of a big combat and I wasn't really counting on another happening so soon. But I guess it's a lesson in many players being unpredictable, I suppose.

Note: We're all fine. We're all friends and there is no bitterness between any of us. I'm just here trying to improve is all.


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