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What to do with an over generous DM?

Content of the article: "What to do with an over generous DM?"

I saw the problem player thread, wasn't sure if this counted so feel free to delete if not allowed!

One of our DMs is a new DM like me (I inspired him to give it a go) and we're playing the Lost Mines of Phandelver.

One of our players (we'll call Bob) is feeling helpless and he's been venting to me about what he could do. However the issue is with the DM.

The DM went through Bobs backstory, Bob was in a necromancy school, the students revolted for whatever reason, Bob stole a book and ran away. It wasn't until the end of the 3rd session that the DM told Bob that this book was the Grand Masters book and had every single Necromancy spell in it. So now at level 3, he has every single Necromancy spell. Bob didn't want it to be that way and felt it was wrong and makes him overpowered. He didn't even have to roll to learn them, the DM just put them straight into Bobs character sheet and gave him no say in it. Another time, Bob was in a magic shop and rolled for what he could see. He saw a wand of resurrection and although Bob really wanted it, he didn't have enough coin. After some basic RP, as Bob is about to leave, the DM ends up having the store clerk just give Bob the wand for free.

Bob is now pretty lost because he has nothing to aim for anymore. He doesn't feel like he's earnt it and now doesn't know what to do with the character as he's feeling overpowered compared to everyone else.

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In the last session, Bob made a joke about whether there was a lemonade stand on our travels. He rolls a 20 and the DM takes a minute and presents a lemonade stand… run by the blacksmith from the last town we were in, who has a pet dire wolf. We'd previously made a joke about the blacksmith harbouring orphans in his basement and I made a comment and said, what if they're not children but puppies! This was all in jest and very obvious we were kidding! Suddenly DM shows 7 dire wolf puppies. We thought he was kidding and thought nothing of it but he made the blacksmith offer to sell them to us…. for 17 silver… We said, "no way, you can't be serious, no you can't do this, do you realise how broken this is?! This doesn't make any sense!" But the DM was serious and wouldn't take them back. So obviously…. we now have 7 dire wolf puppies and my Druid is incredibly happy! But for game mechanics… it's very broken.

We've tried to talk to our DM about it, even as DM to DM but nothing seems to be getting through. The DM comes up with bizarre "excuses" as to why they decided to give them to us and although we've all said that we're happy to rec-con these situations, the DM just won't do it. The best we've decided is to just not use all the spells and not use the dire wolves other than for flavour during RP. What can we do going forward when these situations come up? We've said No just outright when something like this happens but we end up having to just accept it so as not to upset the DM because they feel they're doing something nice. And although it is nice, it's taking away the challenge or "realism" of the campaign. There's no reward anymore.

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