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What’s Caused a Re-emergence of Monsters?

Content of the article: "What’s Caused a Re-emergence of Monsters?"

So the background; this campaign is set in a world where monsters, spirits and magic have always been somewhat rare, but grew rarer still with the rise of "hunters" and "anti-mages" (I don't want to bloat this post by going in to detail, but in short they were groups of people with the sole goal of eradicating the aforementioned supernaturals from the world).

In modern times, most people have never seen a monster; there are plenty who believe in them, but this can be equated more to a world where superstition is common place, rather than your typical world where civilization revolves around the expectation that these exist.
However, the campaign starts with a sudden re-emergence of these supernatural threats.
Where as before monsters had evolved to hunt from the shadows, and an event like (for example) a Werewolf savaging a village would be so rare as to be 'once in a generation', over the past year suddenly such events are occurring across the country sometimes as often as a few times a month, and monsters that do still hide in the shadows have become more brazen.

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This is kind of where I'm stuck though.
This campaign has been, unlike my previous campaign, built around the type of 'game' me and my players want, rather than the type of world we want to be in.
I came up with this narrative to fit that style, but am now struggling to come up with the "why" of the matter.
"Why" are these events suddenly occurring more often? What could compel everything from spirits, to vampires, to dragons to suddenly, in unison, start making appearances after centuries?
It'd be especially cool if it could be a BBEG plot, but that's even harder to account for, because I don't know how a person or persons would hold sway over such a large range of creatures.

If anyone has any ideas of suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.
Regardless, thanks for your time in reading this post.

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