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Whelp that happened; we made the DM cry

Content of the article: "Whelp that happened; we made the DM cry"

OK yes this happened and I'm downright sad about it and so is everyone else.

The back story is we are a group of 7 dude's who have been playing for 20 years together in person(except for the FNG who been playing for 6 years with us). Frankly we are all high functioning alcoholics and there is a ton of drinking involved. At the outset of our group DM X ran three campaigns for 12 years. Mostly 3, 3.5 and one 4th edition. I stepped up and ran a pathfinder game of RotRL for a few years. Then someone else stepped up and ran a 5e game for a few years. Another player stepped up and ran a 5e game that got aborted. He started another game but, due to his work schedule we decide to run another game simultaneously. Then Covid struck and we are all doing his over Zoom, Dndbeyond and whatever else. DM X decided to run the other game.

I should mention that we are a broad group of play styles. We span the spectrum of heavy role players, Min/maxers and some folks in the middle of that.

Right off the bat DM X wanted an epic fantasy feel and gave us all +2 to STR,DEX and CON and darkvision. DM X can improvise off the cuff awesomely however it became increasingly clear that DM X had almost no knowledge of the 5e rules. The role play stuff was great and players were respecting the spotlight of every other player. However core mechanics like passive perception were ignored, or core class abilities were nerfed needlessly. When the reason was given and looked at(out of game) it turned out not to be NOT an issue. Yeah the min/max camp was unhappy. I should mention that we are not out and out min/maxers but, we want our characters to be great at few things and it backed up by character story.

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All of us live in the central coast of California and recently about 50% of us had to evac because of fires. Also not all all of us have great work environments. So stress was high. Well our first game back DM X came up with a new rule mechanic and applied unevenly. Sometimes applying it unevenly to the same player on subsequent rounds. Of course we were all drunk at the time and this went down badly.

DM X has bowed out after a tear filled rant. Complicating the issue is another old time member of the group has just moved back to the area and wants in (that would be 7 players). Now I'm not sure what the fuck to do. I'm fine picking up the mantle and DMing prolly a pre canned campaign. I might even want to run with a co DM so we can get the old player back in.

It's totally clear we need to have a come to Jesus meeting (sober) and discuss what the fuck we want. However on some level I'm just ranting and would like some constructive feedback

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