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When intimidation goes totally out of control

(sorry, not experienced in greentexting)

So… Lost mine of Phandelver. Our party consists of halfling rogue, human fighter, half-elf priestess of Kelemvor aaaaand me, human Great-Old-One warlock.

We're investigating the mimic problem in gnome settlement in the mountains. This place has strange magic aura, so every time you cast a spell, you get random magic effect.

*got huge butterfly wings and ability to fly just before*

We're antering the room with two gnomes and they are not cooperative enough.

"Hmmm, I think I can try to intimidate them"

Me: Okay, first I'll use disguise, and make illusion that I grow green swirling tentacles out of my body, my eyes are black, green bubbles are emerging from my body and flying around me.

DM: What do you say?

Me: Mhmh… "I'm fed up of you, tiny pathetic insects. All we want is to find the mimic and get out of here. Answer my questions, or I'll rip out your soul and throw it into the Far Realm. MWUHAHAHAHAHAHA". Also I use my telepathy and send her thoughts about death and fear and all that stuff.

DM: Nice-nice. Roll intimidation with advantage.

*nat 20 on second roll and I'm high charisma and I'm proficent with intimidation*

DM: She looks at you and screaming in terror. "DEMON! IT'S DEMON!!! HELP!" Second gnome takes out his crossbow. Roll initiative. Also, remember that they stand on elevation, so you need to climb up there if you want to fight in melee.

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I don't remember exactly turn by turn what happened, but in summary. I fly up to the gnomes, try to grapple the one who I scared and fail. On her turn she casts magic missle and almost kills me. Cleric sees this and climbs up to heal me. Figher just enters the room (he and rogue were about to leave).

DM: Your turn, warlock, what do you do?

Me: Fuck it, I guess diplomacy won't work now. I cast eldritch blast.

DM: Your eldritch blast almost obliterates her. She can barely stand on her feet.

Me: Ouch

DM: Yeah, she doesn't have much of a stats… CLERIC TURN – what do you do?

Cleric: I try to punch her with a fist.

DM: You rolled enough. You throw a punch and hit her in the jaw – severely wounded gnome falls unconscious.

*Second gnome sees that, opens the door behind him and runs away into the tunnel. Fighter is chasing him and rogue waiting him at the other end of the tonnel. Cleric heals knocked out gnome sorceress.*

Me: NOW are you going to answer my questions?

DM: Gnome looks at hooded figure with swirling tentacles, black eyes and butterfly wings and starts screaming again.

Me: Oh crap… Okay, cleric try talk to her and I take away my disguise spell.

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Cleric: I'm trying to calm her down instead.

*Fighter still chasing second gnome*

DM: She just stares at you with empty eyes, says nothing and her face is pale.

Me: I take away my disguise spell, take off my hood showing my human face, and try to talk to her again.

DM: As she sees you approaching, she starts screaming.

Cleric: Leave her alone, you traumatized her enough.

Me: It was just cheap illusion spell and telepathy! I didn't expect *THIS*

*Fighter finally catches second gnome in the tunnel*

Cleric: Listen, we're here by order of the king, we just want to catch the mimic. This guy can be creepy sometimes, but he is not a demon.

DM: Roll persuation.

*Cleric rolls persuation and fails*

DM: Gnome stares at you terrified and remains silent.

*Fighter and rogue drag second gnome who is now tied up back into the room*

Me: I want to talk to her again.

DM: …as she sees you approaching, she starts screaming again.

Me: Please, calm down, I'm not a demon. I useed illusion spell and my telepathic abilities to… put some *pressure* on you. We just want to do our job and leave. Just answer our questions and we will go.

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DM: Roll persuation.

*Finally success*

DM: She starts crying, then she looks at you and answers while sobbing "Okay… What do you want to know?"

Then our party interrogates poor gnomes, who apparently know nothing useful and now have PTSD. We leave them be, find that mimic and kill it in 2-3 turns or so, thanks to *Path to the Grave*, also *good rolls* and *sneak attack*.

So, yeah, be carefull with those intimidation rolls.


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