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When playing DnD, make sure to always have fun in the moment

Content of the article: "When playing DnD, make sure to always have fun in the moment"

In video games I have a tendency to be a completionist, but in DnD I am not. Because in a video game there is a limited amount of stuff. The map is limited, the story is limited, the quests are limited, and the enemies are limited. In a video game that you are likely to finish, anything you miss becomes fun content you missed out on.

But DnD isn't the same. Grinding to look through every single room of a dungeon in hopes of not missing something might earn you some reward, but if you didn't spend two hours looking through a dungeon you might have been able to spend that time on something more fun. When you finish the "main quest" the game doesn't end. You pick up the next module or the DM starts creating his/her own adventures. There is no need to focus on minor things that might be fun, because if you focus more on the major parts of the game that are fun for you you will make sure to have more high quality fun.

A personal example is stealth. I love stealth in video games but I have found in DnD it often just slows down the game by extra narration, more rolls, taking time opening doors. One might be tricked into thinking stealthing is "free" in DnD because things that take an hour for the characters might just be 30 real life seconds, but sneaking around usually takes up a lot of play time with very little reward. At least that is how I feel, so I have started to just walk around more and have a more "aggressive" playstyle because that is more fun for me.

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Since you probably only play once a week at a maximum it is important to spend that time well. It is not a video game you can play 20 hours of on a weekend. This also bleeds into how leveling up takes time, and it is therefore important to make sure your character is fun and its concept is fulfilled from the get-go. Making a character that becomes fun first at level 6 will cause you to spend many hours not really enjoying the game. I am sure you have more than one possible character or class you wanna play, so pick the one that is fun right now.

You might disagree with some examples but I think you get the point. Since the time you play is fairly limited and there is no end to content, my advice is to always make sure you have fun in the moment. There is no need to do a "side quest" that sounds boring or sub-par.

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