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When prejudices make you the villain.

Content of the article: "When prejudices make you the villain."

I'm GMing for a 5E game, and at this point, the players are ludicrously powerful, but there's downtime before the final boss comes, so the party is just taking quests from the local adventurer's guild.


  1. Reforming Barbarian/Paladin Elf – Steve
  2. Blissfully unaware Sorcerer 19 year old – Triandra
  3. Prejudiced monk – Donkey.
  4. Honorbound Murdergirl. – Was formerly taken care of by the party before the BBEG corrupted her and turned her into what she is now.

The quest is a double-pay Gold-level adventurer quest, which is way, way, way below the party's current capability. However, they wanted to do quests that 'benefited the people most' instead of 'High level explore dungeons shit'. Sure, whatever, might as well curbstomp some bandits as stress relief before confronting the BBEG.

The party goes to the questgiver, to get details, tips, info(standard procedure). The quest is about killing escaped slaves from the questgiver's manor. They killed all the guards, and butchered the entire family except the youngest son, who was staying with the questgiver.

Except Donkey. He thinks that everyone tainted by slavery is evil, racist and a maniac(the slavery is mostly race based).

Ah yes, people who inherit slaves and keep slaves are automatically evil.

Forget that it's an ingrained part of the culture.

The slaves must be good guys and they're lying right?

The party eventually finds the group, and it turns out that 1 of the group was basically coerced into running away after the deed was done, and 1 of them had no hand in any killings and was just accessory.

Murdergirl demands honor, kill them all because that's the quest, and that's what the group told the questgiver.

Donkey shows up, tries to get them to leave without consulting the party, almost gets them killed.

Fortunately, Steve and Triandra keep cool and convince Murdergirl to at least bring them in front of questgiver so that the questgiver may judge them.

No! Says donkey.

Holy shit, the party literally found one of the few ways to keep the two alive, they will get rewarded for being calm and patient NOOOOOO.

She will just make them suffer. Better to have them die here than put them in her hands.

What? WHAT?

Actually kills them. The party sighs and presses forward. They need to get facts first before they condemn him(He may be right).

Has dramatic scene where he's crying and burying them.

The party goes to the questgiver, who is distraught about the coerced one being dead. He was really nice to her as a child and was overall a good person. She created the quest in a rush of rage because 7 of her relatives were slaughtered. It doesn't bring her satisfaction now, she feels empty.

Murdergirl apologizes, she's been brainwashed into 'honor, honor, die die'. Takes full responsibility. Forgiven by Steve, big character development moment.

Holy shit nobles aren't automatically evil because slavery is an institution. Who would have thought?

Donkey is about to get a reality check, I'll find out next week.

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