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When someone working for the apartment plays DnD too…

Content of the article: "When someone working for the apartment plays DnD too…"

Hey All!

A funny/heartwarming story I'd love to share with you all

My friends and i play DnD every Thursday at the same friends apartment. Occasionally we have a couple drinky-poos, our Viking host likes to make mead and its alcohol content has to be obscenely high because a couple sips in and our Leonin Monk Fighter is accompanying our Human Bard in a spur of the moment jaunty folk song of hilarious up beat adventures.

Long story short – we get silly. The game ends, we have a couple laughs but then i have to leave as i usually work early the next day, and im normally the 2nd to leave and the other 5 people stay and chat.

The elevator in this building takes FOREVER! so as i wait i read the signs advising the tenants of the heaters in the apartments. I see the word radiant and my tipsy brain gets an idea….i bust out my trusty DnD pencil and start 'adjusting' the sign according to DnD rules. (Im new, i don't know all the stuff, but i try haha)

See attached photos…

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The week goes by and no one from the group mentions anything in our Discord so i assume someone took it down, no worries – i got a kick out of it. Next Thursday rolls around, i mention it to the group – no one noticed, thats ok. I explain – i get some chuckles, i send the photo in our discord – we move on.

We play a fantastic game, my group is a fantastic group, it was wonderful – then i have to leave like every Thursday. I head over to the elevator, it's taking forever as usual – so i read the 'new, fresh and crispy – a no graffiti memo on the wall and WAIT! WHAT! The new crispy memo was edited with my DnD adjustments PLUS SOME! (see attached photos)

I obviously giggle with glee and kick down my friends apartment door to share in the delight. I asked the group – did u guys do this? Nope! So either someone on that floor got a kick out of it as well and made the sign themselves, or someone working for the building got involved. I don't think its on the other floors, but boy oh boy, was that the icing on the cake of DnD day <3!

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It's the little things that bring joy and its needed now more than ever.

I hope others get a smile from this too!

Have a great day and stay creative!




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